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The Good and Bad by Marilyn Meredith

Traveling the road of life is never smooth. It seems just when everything is going well, a huge boulder crops up to make the way difficult. First off, my post is late because when I was writing it on Sunday, … Continue reading

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Why I Write Mysteries by Saralyn Richard

I love reading and writing in all genres. I’ve taught creative writing to high schoolers and adults, and I’ve rarely met a story or a writer that I didn’t enjoy getting to know, but when it comes to writing novels … Continue reading

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Not Your Usual Suspect by Paty Jager

The way my mind, and I would expect most writer’s minds work, if I see a person with something interesting about them, chances are they are going to end up in one of my books. I like to make my … Continue reading

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Poise Versus Panic By Patricia Smith Wood

Since I’m a Gemini, I have many “twin” features. Sometimes I’m one side, sometimes I’m the other. I’ll give you an example. I can often take two different sides of an argument. Not as much as I once could (I … Continue reading

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It Couldn’t Happen Here

By Sally Carpenter For this post I’m going to forgo fiction for true crime. Every week, it seems, another city is ravaged by a mass shooting. It’s easy from the security of ones own home to say, “How tragic, but … Continue reading

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Getting the Details Right

GETTING THE DETAILS RIGHT Recently I was asked to be a speaker at a writers’ conference—the topic being character and setting description. The chairperson titled it “Getting the Details Right.” Because I have messed up on the details in a … Continue reading

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How Crime Novelists Come Up with Ideas by Richard Armstrong

Where do writers come up with the ideas for crime and mystery novels?  It’s a bit of mystery itself, isn’t it!  I’m sure for some writers the crime section of the local newspaper is a rich source of inspiration.  Others … Continue reading

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