Narration Fears by Paty Jager

Due to the covid and so many conferences and events I’d planned to attend being cancelled, I am now putting those dollars into getting more books narrated. Which is a good thing, except…. I’ve caught up to the last book written in the Gabriel Hawke series, Fox Goes Hunting.

It’s nice to have the audio book ready close behind the release of the ebook and print, but… this book is set in Iceland. My poor narrator is having to learn how to pronounce a lot of words in Icelandic.

Ragnar, our guide, explaining the living situations of the Viking settlers at pingvellir.

The guide I met on my trip to Iceland has been a HUGE help with my book. He answered questions when I was on my trip and later via email. He also read the book to make sure the way the Icelanders in my books expressed themselves was correct and that I conveyed the spirit and feel of his homeland.

And I have once again reached out to him as this book is beginning to be narrated. I asked if he could give me a pronunciation guide for the Icelandic words. He came through, but said if the narrator needed more detail in the saying, he could do an IPA system but it would take him much longer to do.

Thankfully, my narrator has already reached out to some other narrators for help in the pronunciation of the words. I feel for him. He was excited to do this book, but he will have a lot more work than he usually puts into the Hawke books.

If you would like to listen to one of the first five Gabriel Hawke audio books for free, I have some Author Direct codes you can use to listen to the books.

Here’s to hoping my narrator can channel his inner Icelander.

3 thoughts on “Narration Fears by Paty Jager

  1. I have several audio books and like Heather, heaven’t seen much in the way of sales. I am having another Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery being done right now, we’ll see how that goes. Good post, as always.


  2. What a good blog. And I see you feel audiobooks are worth it. I only have one out and it hasn’t done much of anything, and the investment of time and money I find to be huge. But I would love to have an author copy of your book, if possible. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Heather. Thanks! I believe that though I haven’t made my money back on any of the audio books yet, they are another way to get seen and hopefully will start picking up in sales soon. I’ll send you the code via email.


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