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Although I’m a lady who loves writing international mystery thrillers, I write my international mystery thrillers using a male pseudonym, and I’ve built an “identity” for my writer, J. R. Camelback.  His photo is in shadow and I’ve made him a “Marlboro” kind of man, which is apparent when you read his bio.  Perhaps because I am a “lady” who writes international mystery thrillers, an unusual romance unfolds when the plot reveals love for the same person can take many forms, but this Kindle eBook Taking the Queen – a Caper Book 1 in the Prometheus Foster series has a plot leaving no doubt this is an international mystery thriller.

As readers discover in Book 1 of the Prometheus Foster series,  Taking The Queen – a Caper,Prometheus Foster is a flawed truth seeker who often creates confusion when he asks too many questions.  He and his partner Smarty Jason use their own special methods to solve puzzles involving a plethora of possibilities.  At times there is a certain rivalry between these two, former Washington Post reporters,  however, they join forces to unravel the curiously worded tip by a whistle blower who comes forward some fifteen years after the whistle blowing event takes place.  They need to seek the secrets hidden within the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents, in files the FBI has only partially declassified.   The FBI’s awry sting scheme takes place right in the nation’s political cauldron Washington D. C. and in the nation of Singapore where political intrigues are a “winner take all game.” 

My multifaceted international mystery thriller has glowing Editorial reviews from the industry leading publications: “Kirkus Review”  “Publisher’s Weekly Booklife” and “Writers Digest,” citing a “…intriguing plot with many twists and turns…”  A reader who bought my Kindle book and left a 5-star review said: “This book convincingly melds international crime with a tale of determination to uncover an ugly truth. The plot moves fairly quickly thanks to the tight and focused writing. While many characters get mentioned, a journalistic duo propel the narrative. Prometheus Foster and Smarty Jason prove to be as interesting and memorable as their names, and their backstories would no doubt be a great subject for additional books. The author also adeptly connects this fictional story to real-life FBI headlines, further adding to the book’s realism. Taking the Queen is an unusually intriguing and satisfying read.” 

Taking The Queen – a Caper” Book 1 Prometheus Foster series has been produced as an Audible book, the Amazon Kindle website lists both the Kindle eBook and the Audible book is located at the link: .

Taking the Queen: A Caper Book 1 in the Prometheus Foster series, features investigative reporter Prometheus Foster and Smarty Jason, former collogues at The Washington Post in this international crime thriller tale within opposing lenses of time, Foster and Jason join forces to pursue a whistle blower’s tip about a botched FBI counterintelligence operation hidden within the maze of investigative government agency files under the Freedom of Information Act.

J. R. Camelback

I do my outlines In-between IT security assignments, I conceive the plot with all the twists and turns as I ride the Arizona sacred hills trails. And I am a familiar figure known to all who live in a place sacred to Apache and Comanche Indians for their hunt on ground sacred to ancestors. I do seek to blend into the landscape of wherever I need to be to research the details that I am meticulous about.  In my photo, you will see me in my study where I have a bookshelf of books, and of course, my computer for the online sources I need to offer my readers an insight into the environment where the action takes place.  I am now at work on the draft manuscript of Book 2 in the Prometheus Foster series, THE WUHAN PUZZLE , this book straddles 2 mystery genres:  International Mystery & Crime:  Thrillers: Espionage, and I am placing Prometheus Foster in a plot that is swimming the boundaries of integrity to make him question his life’s purpose, and then I test his moral purpose amidst the rivers of circumstances when the life of his beloved wife, Marcy is at stake, she defines his humanity, THE WUHAN PUZZLE tests him in ways that brings him to his knees and in ways he’s never thought emotions sway.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am testing Book Covers for THE WUHAN PUZZLE and hope the Ladies of Mystery blog readers can tell me what they think of this one:


The word “puzzle” in another font similar cover