The Mystery of Finding Time by Paty Jager

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I have always been a very time structured writer. I make time to write and I stick with it whether my brain is mush or not.

This summer has pulled me out of writing so much, I’m struggling to get back into the work in progress and finding time to get some solid time in. I wouldn’t have given up anything I did this summer, but it’s starting to weigh on my conscience that I am behind on my releases and dragging words out when I’m in front of the computer.

This past week, was supposed to be the last time I’d be kept from my writing, but I have a cousin coming for a week and then hubby and I have an anniversary trip planned in October, though that will be a trip to do research for a book as well as enjoy.

Tomorrow, I’ll sit down and write four days (have to take my mother-in-law home today) Which is an unexpected turn of events. Then next weekend we have company and I get another week before company for a week. So I need to really hunker down and write when I have time, which will mean little social media time and hubby will have simple meals.

When you have a lot interrupting your writing, how do you deal with it? Does it take you longer to get back into the story when you have tiny bits of time with beg gaps in between?

Readers, do you ever wonder why some authors have gaps in their releases? This is why. Life interrupts the writing process.

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8 thoughts on “The Mystery of Finding Time by Paty Jager

    1. Marilyn, I was under the assumption that as we got older we’d have more time to do things, but it feels the opposite. 😉


    1. Jackie, I always finish a project. I may not publish it if I feel it isn’t worthy of being published, but I finish the book. And this will be out before the end of the year. I won’t accept anything less of myself.


  1. Paty, your gap is my normal. Or is your “gap” pace still faster than my normal? I have books of yours sitting in my Nook waiting for me to catch up with you. I’m behind on a lot of writers’ series that I follow, and I suspect plenty of other readers are, too, although they want to read the new books. You’ll be on an acceptable schedule even if it’s slower that your usual astounding productivity. I write every day, no matter what, even if I have only those tiny snippets of time, such as twenty minutes before I go to bed. And I always take the plot in progress on my runs. I may not be at the keyboard, but I’m making progress.


    1. Amber, I agree that everyone has their own pace when it comes to writing. I should try to working the small gaps of time but there is always something else I can get done in that small space of time. *Sigh* I prefer the large blocks to get major words on the page. My writing requires less editing when I can write two or three chapters at one sitting. I agree, while there are a handful of readers anxiously awaiting the new book there are probably many more still working on the other books in the series. Thanks for commenting!


  2. Paty, I, too, am going through this. My newest release, Christmas Trifle, which came out 8 days ago, has demanded all my time. The genre is a slight departure from the ordinary mystery, so I am dealing with new readers and the like. Before that we’d just returned from a fabulous but long and intense visit to several Baltic countries. It was once in a lifetime, but still. I am supposed to be writing Casting Call for a Corpse, but I have no idea what I’ve written, what I’m writing or where it’s going. My husband, Norman, just came into the kitchen (my small office is right off the kitchen). He began to unload the dishwasher and started singing “Shake, Rattle and Roll” at the top of his lungs. As he is a professional singer, he can belt out a song. Goodbye concentration. Will I ever get back into my story?


    1. Heather, it is a struggle to keep ahead on everything writing related and still write. I feel your lack of concentration when your hubby is around. Mine is here all the time, in and out all during the day and while he knows I am busy writing, he can’t help but lean in the office doorway and tell me who he just talked to and what they had to say….


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