Left Coast Crime Replay by Paty Jager

Last month, March 22-24, I attended the 2018 Left Coast Crime conference in Reno, NV. It was a five and a half hour drive from my home.  A friend and I left Wednesday morning and took our time driving through rain, snow, and sleet to get there.

speed dating
Laurie and I at Speed Dating

Thursday morning started with a speed dating event where two authors were teamed up and we moved from table to table talking about our books to readers who remained at the tables.  There were 20 tables of 6-8 people per tables. It was a lot of fun. My “dating” partner was Lauri Rockenbeck.  She had her first book out, and I was pitching my Shandra Higheagle Series.

I attended a couple of the panels that day and hung out with my friend.

Friday morning I was on the panel “I Still Miss Someone: Ghosts, Hauntings, & Horror” with Michele Drier, Margaret Lucke, Catherine Paul, and Jo Perry.  We talked about the supernatural elements in our books. Michele was the narrator and did an excellent job with great questions and keeping things moving.

Panel 2018
My Panel

After my panel I popped in on a couple others where friends were speaking. Then I had lunch with an up and coming writer, who had contacted me before the conference to see if I would take the time from the conference and talk to her about writing and the business side of things. It was fun to meet Heather and share knowledge.

Friday evening, I attended the interview with William Kent Krueger. He was, as always, entertaining.  He told how he took his 10 year-old grandson with them on a trip to Arizona to learn about about human trafficking and the border wars.  He said while no one would open up to him,when his grandson asked questions, they would respond to him.  And that was how Kent found the information he needed for his book Sulphur Springs which won the Lefty Award on Saturday night.

Saturday morning, I read the first chapter of Artful Murder at a “You Had Me At…” where authors could read for ten minutes and talk about their books or do a demonstration.  After I read, a talk was given by Nancy Tingley on “Art Historians as Detectives”. I found it fascinating and made sure I watched a few more of these types of presentations by authors.

Sundae Social
Sundae Social

Saturday afternoon, I hosted my Sundae Social at Rosie’s Cafe in the casino.  Thirteen readers signed up and twelve showed up. I was excited to have so many come. I purchased vanilla ice cream in dishes for them, and I’d brought along toppings for them to make their own sundaes, while I visited and talked about my books. They all went away saying it was the best event they’d been to during the conference, because they had one on one time with an author and enjoyed ice cream!  I enjoyed each person who came.

I didn’t go to the banquet on Saturday night as a romance author friend who lives in Reno was meeting me for dinner. We had a great time catching up and talking writing.

While standing in line to pay and pick up the silent auction item I won, I started up a conversation with the author behind me (can’t remember his name), and he suggested my Shandra Higheagle books sounded like the the new category Cozy Noir that he’d heard about while at the conference.  Anyone else heard of this?

Sunday morning my friend and I rose, packed up, and headed home.  For this introvert writer, it was an exhausting weekend just having to stay in a open, welcoming mode for the readers and the authors I connected with.

As a reader and/or author are you a person who thrives on the energy of a conference or do you find it exhausting?

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13 thoughts on “Left Coast Crime Replay by Paty Jager

  1. Hi Paty, I was at LCC in 2012 and keep hoping to return. The 2020 LCC in San Diego is close by, so I may make that one happen. I love the ice cream sundae idea and would like to try it for my readers!

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    1. HI Sally, I’ve been attending ever other year but Vancouver, Canada next year sounds like fun! I think the small events with a little something but not a whole meal to deal with was what made the sundae social a hit.

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    1. Skye, His books are great! I’m working on a project that is similar to his Cork O’Conner series. Only because the main character is Native American and in law enforcement.

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      1. I know; I have several of your Shandra Higheagle series. I did my MA work on Lousie Erdrich and Michael Dorris, and I am more than interested in Native American culture; that’s why I am desperately trying to relocate West.


  2. I would adore going to an alternative medicine conference; I adhere to that type of health care, Amber.


  3. Your sundae social sounds great. That one-on-one time with your readers must have been great for you as well as for them. I’ve only been to fitness professional conferences, an alternative medicine conference, and a Native health research conference. I loved the intense learning and all the new people. Time to start conference-ing as a writer. You’ve motivated me!

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    1. Amber, meeting up with readers is the only thing that helps me go to conferences. I’m not a “crowd” person so the small setting of the social was perfect for me. There is nothing like being with like minds at a conference.


    1. HI Marilyn. I think we first met at an LCC conference. I know I met Carole at the Portland LCC conference.


  4. That does sound exhausting! I’ve only been to a couple but I’ve really enjoyed meeting other writers, especially outside the mystery genre. It always amazes me how differently other genres approach things! 🙂


    1. Jordaina, It’s true about the different genre writers. Being a part of RWA (Romance Writers of America) and now stepping into the mystery genre, I’ve found that Romance authors are more open and willing to help, where mystery writers are friendly but not as open. I joined RWA years ago when I knew I need help with craft and I couldn’t find any mystery groups that allowed anyone not published into their organizations. The mystery genre is becoming more open. Hoepfully, they will soon embrace Indie authors more.

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