65 Years Together!

On October 24, 1951, this Los Angeles girl married the handsome young man she met on a blind date in the spring of that year. And no, I don’t remember exactly when, but I do know where–on the sidewalk between my house and a friend’s who lived about two plus miles away. She and her two sisters, and three other service men, and Hap and I caught a street car to go to Chinatown. And that’s how it all began.

A lot has happened during that time–and no, it wasn’t always easy. He spent 20 years in the Seabees, and I mainly stayed home–as we became the parents of 5 children.  He went to exotic places–I lived with him in Norfolk and Little Creek VA, Cambridge MD., but mostly in Oxnard CA.

Our family grew, I had many jobs with PTA including president 4 times, two different schools, had a Camp Fire group for 10 years, worked as a telephone operator, 10 years as a teacher in a school for child development, and  in a couple of day cares and pre-schools.Hubby retired from the Navy and worked for Sears for 15 years and retired again.

We moved to Springville CA where we are now and together opened a licensed residential facility for women with developmental disabilities and we did that for 23 years. I also taught classes on various subjects to administrators in this industry.

All the time I was writing too–finally got published, and kept on writing and as you all know, am still at it. Hubby has been supportive through it all, and when we were younger we traveled all over the country to various mystery conferences and conventions–and made many  good friends.

We experienced hard times, and wonderful times– and despite being old, it’s even better now. Our philosophy as with most things, is never give up. We learned along the way to put our trust in God.

Two innocents who had no idea what was ahead for them.

And of course, these days, besides writing, and enjoying family, especially the grand and greatgrands, I’m still promoting my books. If you haven’t yet had a chance, I hope you’ll try the latest Deputy Tempe Crabtee mystery, Seldom Traveled, available as a print and e-book in various places including:  http://mundania .com and Amazon

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Yes, we celebrated–but it was very low key.

Marilyn Meredith





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  1. Marilyn, congratulations and what a charming, real-life story. I am impressed that you and your husband ran a facility and that you have managed to write for many years. The picture is beautiful and I wish you the best of luck; my husband was also in the Nay. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Marilyn: I didn’t know how to contact you by e-mail, so I sent you a PM on Good Reads the week I won the giveaway. I tried to contact you via your website, but there was no place I could send an e-mail. I don’t read e-books!


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