The Fun Kind of Research


I had the great pleasure this month of conducting some serious research for one of my upcoming books.



Each of my books takes places in a different city, town or country. I’m currently working on book 5 in the series (as yet untitled), which takes places on a cruise. But I’m also planning ahead to book 6 in the Adam Kaminski mystery series, and that takes place in Provence.


The beauty of the small towns and villages that thrive in this part of southern France is astounding. The cracks and crevices that add character to the facades of houses built hundreds of years ago, the color of the fading limestone contrasted with the bright pinks and greens and blues of painted shutters.


The Mediterranean-style roof tiles, red and pink and brown in the golden, late afternoon sun. The air that smells of the vines, freshly cut and burning in small piles in the small vineyards that dot the countryside.

I am grateful to be fortunate enough to be able to travel, to see parts of the world so beautiful they make me stop, take a deep breath, and think of all the things that are good and sweet in my life.


My goal with my writing — what I strive to achieve — is to share that joy, that beauty, with my readers. To let you see this world through my eyes, so that you, too, can stop and breathe and be happy.

And, yes, of course there’s always a murder to solve, too.


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5 thoughts on “The Fun Kind of Research

  1. Enjoy the traveling while you can. Now that I’m older, flying is much too difficult. Still going places by car–but writing mostly about places I’ve lived or visited a lot.


    1. Funny you should say that, Marilyn. I have been noticing that I get a little more tired, a little more easily these days. But I agree, we do what we can, while we can!


  2. That’s wonderful you can travel to the countries where you set your books. That’s the reason I stay in the Pacific Northwest with my stories. it’s where I’ve been. 😉


    1. Now that’s somewhere I haven’t visited yet, but want to! From what I’ve read, it’s beautiful.


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