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Who Saw That?

Julia Kaminski, sister to the hero of the Adam Kaminski mystery series, is a photographer. A good one. She’s still figuring out how to make a living in her chosen profession. In an ideal world, she’d earn her money by … Continue reading

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Understanding Your Characters

Part of what makes a great story is great characters. Any reader can tell you that. Writers talk about developing characters, fleshing them out, giving them back story, making them flawed and relatable. These are all vital steps in creating … Continue reading

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In the Dark: About Titles, Writing and Eclipses

I usually develop the titles to my books somewhere in the early stages of writing. I know the theme, I know the murder weapon and motive, and I know the red herrings that will be swimming through the story. The … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger -JL Greger

Wait! I think I can convince you that writing a mystery novel is similar to conducting a science experiment. Continue reading

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Catching Up

  by Janis Patterson This is going to be short, because – quite frankly – I’m tired. I was away from home more than half of September. A wedding in Boston; a wedding in Alabama; a family reunion in East … Continue reading

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When Readers Attack

As an indie author, (I love that, it sounds so  much more hip and cutting edge than self-published), every aspect of the publishing process for my Daisy Dunlop Mystery series is down to me.  I don’t have an agent to send my … Continue reading

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Meet Carole Sojka

Mysterious Ladies are mysterious in many different ways. Today I’m going to tell you something about the life that led to my becoming one. I grew up in New York City, went to Queens College there, and met my husband … Continue reading

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