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Confession of a Homophone-Phobe

by Janis Patterson How would you act if you read in a story how a character discovered a grizzly site? Well… how you feel might depend on the situation in the book – and the writer’s command of the English … Continue reading

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What’s Old Is New Again

by Janis Patterson I don’t have much time to read, but for various reasons not long ago I agreed to review a few books. Two were okay – nothing to write home about, but at least grammatical and spelt correctly, … Continue reading

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Clues, Magic and Little Cat Feet

by Janis Patterson I’ll admit I get a little put out when people (including some writers) say “Oh, I could never write a mystery – how do you think of all those clues and where to put them?” Usually, when … Continue reading

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Christmas is Coming

by Janis Patterson For once I’m way ahead of a deadline. It’s a situation that doesn’t happen very often, and I’m going to enjoy every bit of it! A couple of months ago a couple of mystery writer friends and … Continue reading

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Writing Would Be Perfect If…

by Janis Patterson I mean it. Writing would be so perfect if it weren’t for the readers. I know, that is a very incendiary statement, but it’s true. We’re asked to live up to readers’ expectations without being given much … Continue reading

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What Happens Next

by Janis Patterson After listening to those of my friends who have become mothers – some several times – the more I am convinced that finishing a book is sort of like having a baby. The initial idea is delightful … Continue reading

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Body, Body, Who’s Got A Body?

by Janis Patterson On one of my email loops there has been a discussion about whether or not a cozy mystery has to include a murder. Both yes and no answers are plentiful and while the discussion has not been … Continue reading

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