Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone who reads this blog, writes for this blog, and guests on this blog has had a wonderful year reading all the unique and interesting posts. I know I enjoy each post for different reasons. Some are about how to write a mystery, some are about marketing, and some are about how the writer came up with the story, premise, characters. Some are vignettes about a writer’s life. There is always something interesting to learn from a post at Ladies of Mystery.

Today, as I write this post, I am starting a read through and edit pass before book 10 in the Gabriel Hawke series heads out to my critique partners. By the time you read this, the manuscript will be in the hands of my CPs and I will be fleshing out the next Spotted Pony Casino book.

Even with the holidays, I still have books in my head that want to get out. I have slowed down the last few months which has driven my on time, schedule-to-keep-self crazy! This book that is just now being read by critique partners was (on my white board) to be published by now. Life got in the way and while my disciplined self is kicking my backside for not getting it done on time, my family self is saying, it’s okay. Things happen and you begin to see that hanging out with friends and family are more important than getting that next book out on time.

And that is why, I backed off on my goals for 2023. Next year I have two wonderful trips planned. One with family and one with friends. They will take away a month and a half of writing time. And I plan to do more in-person events, which when you live as far away from where most in-person events happen, I have to add 2 extra days for travel.

I’m taking a marketing class while getting ready for company for Christmas and helping my daughter with a wedding 2 days after Christmas. Yes, life is always interesting!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Healthy Happy New Year! See you in 2023!

6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I too enjoy this site and writing for it. We’re all different, and approach our work differently, though we face the same problems with character, plot, setting, etc. I learn from every post.

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    1. Susan, I agree! I love that we are all so different and can bring different writing styles to the readers of the blog. And I love how well we are being received by other authors who want to be on our blog.


  2. Read this with great happiness for you. You have a wonderful and fulfilled life, personally and professionally. You’ve worked hard and have achieved much. I wish you many more years of joy and writing. Blessings all around. And you write a danged fine book. I’ve sure loved the ones I’ve read.

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    1. Heather, I’m so excited about the blog authors and the ones we have as guests. Each has such a unique perspective on their own writing and projects. Thank you for your kind words about my writing and this blog. I enjoy your books as well.


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