Having a Series Under Option by Heather Haven

The Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries are under option (again) for a series of television movies. Naturally, I am delighted. Three years ago it happened and I was totally delighted then, as well. But this time I’m a little more – well, not jaded because that’s the wrong word – but wiser as to the way things go.

Casting Call for a Corpse is the latest book of the series although I am currently writing The Drop Dead Temple of Doom.

First off, only 1 out of a 1000 projects make it to production. Putting COVID aside, something usually falls apart somewhere along the line, such as the desires of the public, the drawing-power of the stars chosen, the changes in the dynamics of anyone in the decision-making process, which is a gaggle of other people. This means at any point it could all go south. Going south has little to do with the quality of the book or books under option. And here’s an interesting fact: the author of said books is probably going to be the last person to know what’s going on.

In a way this makes a lot of sense. The author – in this case me – has already done his or her part, the start of everything. Consequently, I have no input as to the development of a television movie (maybe if I was Stephen King I might, but I’m not so I don’t). I write books; I don’t write television screenplays. Everything is up to the whims of fate. Bottom line of what I know: my little series about a humorous, loving, and diverse family is under option for one year, starting October 20, 2020 and ending October 19, 2021. Bada Bing Bada Boom.

Three years ago, it made it pretty high up the tiers of possibility. Even the executive producer was surprised to see it fail. During that time, I realized a lot of things. Mainly, my life would be better if the series went but wouldn’t change significantly. Even though the money would be nice, we don’t have kids sitting around the table waiting to be fed. Maybe hubby and I would go out to a better restaurant occasionally. Maybe we’d take one more vacation per year. Maybe I’d have that eyelift I’ve been promising myself.

But here’s what is a delicious thought: if people watched movies based on my books, maybe those same sweet souls would buy my books and read them. Glory hallelujah! Truth be told, the most important thing to me would be the credit line at the beginning of each movie, “Based on the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries by Heather Haven.”

So I’m in a pretty good place with this. But nonetheless, please keep your fingers crossed for me!

8 thoughts on “Having a Series Under Option by Heather Haven

  1. Congratulations, Heather. I’ve heard that before from other authors. You get someone to option but it doesn’t mean it will become anything. Fingers crossed it does work for you this time!


    1. If this is nothing more than validation for my little diverse family, that’s cool with me. Thanks so much!


    1. I think my attitude comes from age. And having a pension already in place. But it would be nice!


  2. Oh, Heather, how exciting! So happy for you! You got there, is the point, so do sell it short. But you’re right: you’re in a tiny circle not many see. Good for you. You’re also right about how little involvement you’ll have: the author of the book behind WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?, Gary K. Wolf, executed an entirely different story than the movie. (Tiny book spoiler: like Peeves never made it in the Harry Potter films, neither did Louie Louie Louse. Should you ever read this book, you’ll be happy why he didn’t get in–imagine watching on screen human sized cartoon LICE, let alone one louse?!? 🤢🤢 HARD pass, thank you!)

    You never know who’s going to be watching, either; some could be big readers, too. Congratulations again!

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