Writing and Promoting and Living

Sometimes we authors forget the importance of living–and I’m just as guilty at times as anyone else.


This past month has been particularly full of all of the above. My latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, A Cold Death, is now out and I’ve been busy with promotion plans, setting up a blog tour, finding a couple of local places to do signings–no bookstores so I’ve arranged for a signing in a chocolate store (they also sell designer coffee drinks), and at a local Inn. I have a Barnes and Noble signing in the closest big city, coming up September 9th.

Me at Caruthers Library 2


I’m also working on my next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery, and it’s going great–lots about the private lives of my police officers–and of course a murder. Only problem is finding time.

As for the living we had a wonderful family reunion and spent time with relatives who live near and far, including two of my great-great grandbabies. And yes, I’m old enough, I just celebrated by 84th birthday. One of biggest fans who is now a good friend, took my husband and I out for lunch–2 1/2 hours of eating and visiting, great fun!

My birthday, Sheri

One of big things about living is the pure joy of being around family and friends. And for writers, ideas for stories and plots and characters are all around you, just waiting for you to notice.

Right now, something so romantic has been going on with a young family member I know that one day I’ll either write the story or incorporate it into a novel. I can’t say what because at this point it’s still a secret.

Anyway, writers keep on doing what you have to do, but take time to enjoy your life.



4 thoughts on “Writing and Promoting and Living

  1. Thank you, Paty. I’m finding it more important these days to enjoy friends and family. My fan/friend I met at a book signing years ago. I put her in a couple of books because she begged me to. I didn’t use her name but did use her personality, looks, and quirks. She loved it.


  2. Congratulations on another Tempe Crabtree book and enjoying a birthday with a fan! It is sometimes hard to fit all the life stuff in with the writing and vice versa.


  3. Marilyn, your Deputy Tempe Crabtree series is good. Good luck with the new book, and Happy Birthday!


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