Solving a Puzzle to Escape

Fun and something we’d never heard of before.

On a recent trip to visit our eldest daughter and family, she arranged for us to visit, Get a Clue, an escape room in Temecula.

Everyone said, “Oh, Mom will be good at this being a mystery writer.” I certainly hope I would and I started out great guns. We had one hour to solve the puzzle. I immediately found several pieces to a large cardboard puzzle, and spotted what I thought were clues.

The other rushed around doing other things. There was a great variety of objects that could be clues, or maybe not. I won’t tell much more in case you have the opportunity to go to this one. What I will tell you was that I wasn’t nearly as smart as I thought I was. The younger brains did much better than hubby and I.

We had one hour to solve the puzzle–and we went one minute over.  We also had extra help from the owner of the Get a Clue. Despite not finishing in time. we had lots of fun.

If you love mysteries, especially the puzzle kinds, try one of these escape rooms, they are popping up all over. If you are in Temecula, try Get a Clue with a few of your friends.

In the photo left to right, is middle daughter Lisa (our faithful driver), me, eldest daughter, Dana, Mike, Dana’s hubby, and Hap, my hubby.


Escape Room 2017

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  1. My town, Moorpark, has Excido Escape Room but they only give you 45 minutes. I haven’t been there yet. They offer several “scenarios,” such as breaking into a studio to steal and leak a singer’s tapes.

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