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If you follow many authors on social media or through their newsletters, then you’ve probably seen a request for readers to post reviews. These days, for whatever reason, reviews are king!


It’s not a new concept. Even before the internet (remember that time?), I valued getting opinions from friends or family about books, movies, new exhibitions, whatever form of entertainment I might be considering. Who wouldn’t want to know if an experience would be worth the time and money you put into it?

These days, those reviews tend to come from anonymous strangers. The concept is the same, the implementation is quite different.

Does it matter if you’re taking the advice of a stranger as opposed to someone you know? Yes, I believe it does.

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I had an uplifting conversation yesterday with someone who is a fan of my books. She told me how much she enjoyed the level of detail I included — just enough to paint a picture, to draw her into the story. She related on a personal level to my characters and couldn’t wait to find out what happened to them in future books. You won’t be surprised to hear, I enjoyed getting her comments!

But I couldn’t help but remember, even as she spoke, that just that day I’d noticed a negative review posted to one of my books on Amazon. The reviewer found the characters to be flat. The level of description slowed the story down. Hmph.

Two different readers. The same details. Two completely different reviews. Reading, like so many other things, is subjective. What works for one reader will fail for another.

There’s not much we as writers can do about that. We write the books we want to read. We write the books we think readers will enjoy. Then we sit back and take the lumps with the praise.

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None of which changes that fact that reviews are — still — king. A growing number of marketing opportunities are limited to books with X number of reviews or a certain rating level. So we writers keep asking our readers to post reviews! Share your thoughts! One sentence or a few paragraphs! Good or bad, every review helps!

Then we step back, grit our teeth, and get ready to take our lumps.


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