That Could Kill Someone by Paty Jager

paty shadow (1)As a murder mystery writer there are times when I have to acknowledge the fact my brain and actions could lead one to think I’m a psychopath or serial killer. 😉

I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to kill someone that is easy or unusual. Not because there is anyone in particular I’m thinking of offing, but because I need to find unusual and hard to discover mysteries/ ways of murder for my amateur sleuth and detective to come up against.

A recent trip on the Steens Mountains in eastern Oregon had my mind flashing in overdrive with scenarios that could happen on an innocent trek to the wilderness. Around one small lake where people camp and fish the undergrowth was so thick a person could be killed and their body hidden for quite some time before either the smell aroused a curious dog or coyote or kids playing would find it. The body could be hidden for weeks, months, or years, depending on when the killing happened and if there were people around to smell the decaying body. The high precipice where a person can look down over a mile to the Alvord desert is also an innocent, yet deadly spot. The vistas are breathtaking. Someone struck in awe of the sight could easily have a miss-step or push that sends them plummeting to their death.

Another interesting tourist spot is Diamond Craters. These large craters caused by lava tubes and bubbles are deep. The upper edge is lined with uneven, craggy rocks that could easily trip a person to fall head first into the crater and land on large boulders, up-heaved lava waves or a rattlesnake. Once the victim has fallen into the crater and is injured, if no one came along during a hot summer day, and if the injuries from the fall or a snake didn’t get them first, the hot sun and no water would give a person heat stroke.

Even the local historical museum had a storage room of sorts in the back that held antique items that had yet to be put in the museum. There were several long, heavy metal branding irons that could easily be swung with enough force to crack a skull and the body could be shoved behind a large wooden sign leaning against the wall. Or the rusted metal plow hanging from the ceiling could “accidentally” fall on an unsuspecting victim.

Even my own property has several places if not careful someone with a grudge could send a boulder hurtling down the side of the hill to wipe out an unsuspecting victim.

Double Duplicity (652x1024)I’ve always had an imagination that would put my family and friends into danger now I do it with my characters in the Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series.

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8 thoughts on “That Could Kill Someone by Paty Jager

  1. I had a plastic recycling bin delivered to my home a few months ago. When I noticed the label on the lid indicating the maximum capacity was not to exceed 75kgs, what was my first thought? An ideal repository for a dead body. LOL. What wicked minds we crime writers have!


    1. Gina, so true! We are always thinking about how to dispose of a body or how to get rid of someone with no one knowing any better.


  2. Ah, yes. I remember standing at Iguazu Falls in Argentina and thinking, “Could anyone survive a drop off here?” And I do think about murder possibilities all the time. Makes my husband nervous.


    1. Carole, we have several friends who keep telling my husband are you sure you should show her how to do that? Like work a backhoe so I can hide a body and shoot different types of guns. 😉


  3. Ha, love it! It does change the way you see things, doesn’t it? As long as you keep those ideas on the page…


    1. Jane, my mystery writing started when I wanted to see someone dead. I wrote two books with that person as the murder victim. 😉 So it always stays on the page.


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