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What Makes a Book Great?

I just finished the seventh book in a seven book mystery series. I picked up the first because I loved the cover. Also because it had a good blurb and some good reviews and it was set in a little … Continue reading

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Clues, Magic and Little Cat Feet

by Janis Patterson I’ll admit I get a little put out when people (including some writers) say “Oh, I could never write a mystery – how do you think of all those clues and where to put them?” Usually, when … Continue reading

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The Storms of Fortune

The laws of fiction aren’t the laws of life. Luck is a deciding factor in many aspects of our lives. Some people are born with better cards, born into the one percent. Some people are dealt such a stunningly bad … Continue reading

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What Happens Next

by Janis Patterson After listening to those of my friends who have become mothers – some several times – the more I am convinced that finishing a book is sort of like having a baby. The initial idea is delightful … Continue reading

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How a series is like a spider plant

My writing process reminds me of a spider plant—sprouting new plants which have potential to live and thrive if I cut them off the parent plant and pot them. But I have to choose how many little spiders I want … Continue reading

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by Janis Patterson I have gone into full rebellion mode. Yesterday afternoon I hadn’t gotten anywhere near my daily word count and that upset me, as I am very serious about my writing. But I couldn’t write. Actually, I was … Continue reading

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Guest: Maggie King

Why Do I Write Mysteries? The short answer: I love reading them. The long answer is much, well, longer! Like many young girls I was a huge fan of Nancy Drew and the Dana Girls. I’ll never forget the day … Continue reading

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