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Some Thoughts on Writing and Publishing

by Janis Patterson It is the best of times to be a self-published author. We can put our own books out without having to deal with the ‘writing by committee’ mentality that infects the world of traditional publishing. We can … Continue reading

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Judging a book …

Hey, y’all. What’s new with you? Hope everything is good down your way. Read any good books lately? (Here’s a cyber cookie if you said you’d read mine and you thought they were “good”. I appreciate it, yo!) If you … Continue reading

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An ‘ideal’ article

By Sally Carpenter  Some years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffrey Scott, the most prolific writer of TV animation, with over 600 produced scripts to his credit, and all-around nice person.  In his book, “How to Write for … Continue reading

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Working with Law Enforcement Agencies

Working with law enforcement agencies can help make a mystery more credible. Continue reading

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The World Through My Eyes

The fifth book in the Adam Kaminski mystery series will come out this summer. I am so excited to share it with you! I’ve spent the past two years working on this book that looks at the world through the … Continue reading

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Digging into a Character by Paty Jager

I’m currently working on a the first book of a new mystery series. This new series is making me grow as a writer which is what I hope each book does, but this series and character in particular is really … Continue reading

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Books… And More Books… And Still More Books…

by Janis Patterson Books are most definitely a leitmotif in my life. I have always loved to read. Even in my toddler days I would on an almost daily basis pull every book I could reach off the shelves and … Continue reading

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