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The ‘M’ Word – Motivation

by Janis Patterson Last month on the Make Mine Mystery blog I wrote about the plethora of book ideas that always seem to overcome and sometimes swamp me. ( https://makeminemystery.blogspot.com/2018/08/an-embarrassment-of-riches.html ) This resonated with a lot of my writer friends … Continue reading

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Cage match! You against your subconscious!

Hey y’all, What’s the happs where you are? *listens* Cool. Uh-huh, yep. Okay. Let’s talk about me now! Let me tell you what the happs are ‘round here. The biggest happ is that I have finally finished alllllllllllll of my … Continue reading

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The Road to Writing is Paved with Good Intentions

My book, Murder in the Museum, was published in the spring by Cozy Cat Press. I resolved to spend at least twice a week promoting it and several more hours writing the second book in the series, Murder in the … Continue reading

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The Backstory

I had a great event at the Longport Public Library last week, in Longport, N.J. It’s a fabulous New Jersey Shore town—I highly recommend it if you have a chance to visit! One of the things I loved about the … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again!

by Janis Patterson It never ends. Writers are the sitting ducks of the universe, and it seems that someone is always trying to figure out a way to profit off our work without fairly compensating us for it. Back when … Continue reading

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The First Sentence

I’ve spent my professional career writing, sometimes as a newspaper columnist and feature writer; other times where I contributed to or edited professional journals, brochures, quality of life books and newsletters. I also wrote two books of non-fiction. I knew … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Writing and Publishing

by Janis Patterson It is the best of times to be a self-published author. We can put our own books out without having to deal with the ‘writing by committee’ mentality that infects the world of traditional publishing. We can … Continue reading

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