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Writing Fiction is Challenging by Karen Shughart

  I’ve written fiction and non-fiction; fiction is much more challenging. Prior to becoming an author of cozy mysteries, I worked as a journalist, publicist, author of two full-length books, plus those you find on coffee tables in hotel rooms … Continue reading

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Stalking Ideas

by Janis Patterson One of the questions authors are asked the most is “Where do you find your ideas?” – as if ideas were rare and wondrous things as difficult to discover as flawless emeralds. As far as I and … Continue reading

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The Terrible, Necessary, Unavoidable Triumvirate

by Janis Patterson In last month’s blog I talked about musery, and how the concept of a mythological goddess whispering ideas and words into a writer’s shell-like ear was a catch-all used to combine the rock-bottom basics of inspiration, imagination … Continue reading

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Musery, or Conversations With A Goddess

by Janis Patterson On one of my writers’ loops the other day a bunch of us were lamenting the fact that we all couldn’t just write and leave the business side of publishing to someone else. These days however you … Continue reading

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Writing as a Gratitude Practice

  Every day is a story. We usually wake up in the world of our status quo from the day before and set goals, and then challenges show up on the way to those goals. We face them, and whether … Continue reading

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Goodbyes and fresh starts!

Hey, y’all! So, I know I’m a newbie to the Ladies of Mystery blog and I’ve only been gracing your computer/phone/whatever screen for a short time with my awesomeness but sadly the time has come for me to say adieu. But I … Continue reading

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The ‘M’ Word – Motivation

by Janis Patterson Last month on the Make Mine Mystery blog I wrote about the plethora of book ideas that always seem to overcome and sometimes swamp me. ( https://makeminemystery.blogspot.com/2018/08/an-embarrassment-of-riches.html ) This resonated with a lot of my writer friends … Continue reading

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