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Where to Begin by Paty Jager

I’ve started researching and writing the sixth book in the Shandra Higheagle Mystery series, Reservation Revenge. I visited the Colville Reservation where Shandra’s family lives and wrote about the visit and the woman who lives on the reservation and helps … Continue reading

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Sleuthing Women: 10 First-in-Series Mysteries

The Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries By Heather Haven I’d like to think the Alvarez Family Murder Mystery Series was a carefully thought out project, but I have a feeling it more or less evolved. When I started out, I knew … Continue reading

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Clue, Clue, Who’s Got the Clue, or How to Sneak Your Way to a Good Mystery

by Janis Patterson Writing a mystery means walking a very fine line. You want to play fair with the reader and give him the chance to solve the mystery. Sort of. Readers love to play along and see if they … Continue reading

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Murder Without Violence

I had the great pleasure this past weekend to attend a meeting of my local chapter of the Sisters in Crime (the Delaware Valley Chapter). The guest speaker for the meeting is a Conservator at the University of Pennsylvania Museum … Continue reading

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Lifus Interuptus by Paty Jager

This photo is why my post is late. Grandkids have taken over my office! I started out 2016 telling myself I wasn’t going to push so hard. Last year I wrote and published four mystery novels, three western historical romance … Continue reading

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Name that tune

By Sally Carpenter In my mysteries I use song titles as my chapter headers. The protagonist in my cozies is a former teen idol, so the stories slanty heavy into music. And just saying “chapter one, “chapter two,” etc. is … Continue reading

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Researching a Mystery by Paty Jager

#mystery #MondayBlogs #murder I’m the wife of a rancher and I write murder mystery. Continue reading

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