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Getting Rid of Clutter by Karen Shughart

Clean out those closets, put away the winter clothing, cut back the dead flowers from the yard.  Donate that dress or those slacks you haven’t worn in years, even if you love them. Shoulder pads are probably gone for good, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Setting by Karen Shughart

As I write this, it’s raining. Heavily and steadily. And there’s a bit of a chill in the air. After all, it’s fall, a transition month of warm days, cool nights, brilliant sunshine and cloudless skies; apples, pumpkins, red orange, … Continue reading

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Understanding Your Characters

Part of what makes a great story is great characters. Any reader can tell you that. Writers talk about developing characters, fleshing them out, giving them back story, making them flawed and relatable. These are all vital steps in creating … Continue reading

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Flying High

by Janis Patterson The Husband is an avid rocketeer and even has a Level 1 High Power rating. That’s heavy, folks, and means he can send up huge rockets. So why am I talking about rockets on a mystery writing … Continue reading

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Hope and Despair

Tomorrow is the birthday of the fourth book in the Adam Kaminski Mystery Series! What She Fears goes live tomorrow, August 16, and that’s both exciting and nerve-wracking. Of course, I’m already hard at work on the next book. No … Continue reading

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What do Jessica Fletcher, Shania Twain, and Sarah Winnemucca have in common? by #Paty Jager

I was asked this question for a blog interview I did: Describe your protagonist as a mash-up of three famous people or characters. These are the people/characters I picked and the reasoning behind choosing them. The first is a character: … Continue reading

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Inside the modern jail

By Sally Carpenter This post first appeared some time ago on Writers Who Kill. The information is good for any writer who sets a story inside a modern jail. The picture of jails as long rows of cells with men clanging … Continue reading

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