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Inspiration by Karen Shughart

Years ago, we spent a winter at our vacation cottage on Lake Ontario while our retirement home in Pennsylvania was being built. Back then, I was telecommuting as a writer and editor for a publishing company, my husband had recently … Continue reading

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The Importance of Setting by Karen Shughart

As I write this, it’s raining. Heavily and steadily. And there’s a bit of a chill in the air. After all, it’s fall, a transition month of warm days, cool nights, brilliant sunshine and cloudless skies; apples, pumpkins, red orange, … Continue reading

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A groovy new book

By Sally Carpenter My new retro-cozy, “Flower Power Fatality,” seems like it’s taken forever to write. I estimate the actual writing time at about 1.5 years but it’s been on my mind for much longer. The idea originated a number … Continue reading

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Name that tune

By Sally Carpenter In my mysteries I use song titles as my chapter headers. The protagonist in my cozies is a former teen idol, so the stories slanty heavy into music. And just saying “chapter one, “chapter two,” etc. is … Continue reading

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How long should a Series be? by Paty Jager

I figured if Sue Grafton could write 26 books with the same sleuth, Janet Evanovich went for Tricky Twenty-Two, and Tony HIllerman put out 19 Continue reading

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Dreaming up an Amateur Sleuth by Paty Jager

Dream your dreams with your eyes closed… But live your Dreams with your eyes open—                                                                      ~Cherokee~ The amateur sleuth in my Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series is half Nez Perce. She was raised to hide her Native American heritage when … Continue reading

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Series- Keeping it Interesting by Paty Jager

I don’t know how you feel about reading mystery series but I love reading and writing them. Following a character on their journey through life, murders, and mayhem is fun. They have personal triumphs and failures, that the reader who … Continue reading

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