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Why I Write Mysteries by Saralyn Richard

I love reading and writing in all genres. I’ve taught creative writing to high schoolers and adults, and I’ve rarely met a story or a writer that I didn’t enjoy getting to know, but when it comes to writing novels … Continue reading

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Clues, Magic and Little Cat Feet

by Janis Patterson I’ll admit I get a little put out when people (including some writers) say “Oh, I could never write a mystery – how do you think of all those clues and where to put them?” Usually, when … Continue reading

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6 Deadly Sins of Writing a Mystery by Paty Jager

Every mystery writer wants to write the best who-dun-it. The one who kept the reader guessing to the end and then has the reader saying, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.”  But the writer has to beware of the 6 … Continue reading

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Clue, Clue, Who’s Got the Clue, or How to Sneak Your Way to a Good Mystery

by Janis Patterson Writing a mystery means walking a very fine line. You want to play fair with the reader and give him the chance to solve the mystery. Sort of. Readers love to play along and see if they … Continue reading

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The Perfect Murder Weapon

by Janis Patterson We all believe that killing someone is easy as pie (remember, I’m speaking of in pixels only here) but it’s not as simple as it seems. The main trick is doing the deed and getting away with … Continue reading

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Clues, Clues Everywhere, or The Truth Hiding in Plain Sight

by Janis Patterson What is a clue? I can hear all of you now saying “Duh! A clue is something the sleuth notices that helps solve the crime.” Okay, that’s right – as far as it goes. The problem is, … Continue reading

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