The book I’m working on in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, will be #20 and the last one. Tempe and her tribe have been a part of my life for many years. Tempe was retired from being a deputy in the last one, The Trash Harem.

The one I’m working on now is so far unnamed. Unusual for me, I often have the title before I even begin.

However this book has major changes for Tempe and her husband, as well as other ongoing characters in the series.

I’m finding it hard to say goodbye to Bear Creek and all those who live there, but my life is changing too. My husband needs a lot more of my help and I don’t have the energy I once had—but I’m almost 90 and I’m thankful I can still do what I’m able.

I also ended the Rocky Bluff mystery series with Reversal of Fortune.

Writing and getting published has given me so much pleasure in many ways. When I was writing I lived the adventures of my characters who became very real to me. In fact, in some ways I knew them far better than my friends and relatives—because I knew how the people who inhabited the books I wrote think.

Does this mean I won’t be writing anything anymore? Nope, I can’t imagine not sitting at the computer and writing. I’m considering writing a young adult mystery set during World War II since I grew up during that time. I have my own blog, where lately I’ve leaned toward reminiscing.

When the new book comes out I hope to have some local celebrations. Since one of my friends, lightly disguised with a different name is playing a major part I suspect she’ll want to join me. She’s starred in three other books in this series.

And I’m promoting The Trash Haven by offering the Kindle version for .99 cents from March 20 through the 27th.

It’s been fun hanging out with my Indian friend Tempe, her preacher husband Hutch, and her friend Nick Two John. I’m going to miss them.



  1. Marilyn, my goal is to have twenty books in my Gabriel Hawke series. I understand the emotions of ending a series. I still have readers asking for more Shandra Higheagle but I ended it where I felt it needed to end. I’m glad you are going to start a new project. It sounds like it will be as good as your Tempe and Rocky Bluff series. Good luck with this new adventure! I look forward to hearing more about it.


  2. 20 books in a series is quite a milestone! And how fun to include a close friend into your story using an alias.


  3. Marilyn, this is such a quiet and gentle goodbye to a big part of your life. I think of all the characters I love who live on in books, and now yours are added to the list. I’m glad you’ll keep writing but I understand the need to step back.


  4. You are an inspiration to us all, Marilyn… thank you for continuing to share your talent and vision with us. That said, I’m weeping because there will be no more Tempe Crabtree or Rocky Bluff mysteries… but am also grateful that you have given us as many as you have. Thank you. (And I’m looking forward to your WWII ya mystery, too!)


  5. This is one of the most beautiful farewells I’ve ever read. Not maudlin or sad, just matter-of-fact and very appreciative for what you had and have. Thank you so much for sharing this.


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