Reasons for me not to write any more:

  1. Reached retirement age long ago.
  2. I’ve never been a best-seller.
  3. If I didn’t write I’d have more time to enjoy life, family and friends.

Despite the three reasons I listed, I still have  a need to write the last Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. She’s retired now and I want to send her off into a happy future and tie up a few loose ends for her and her husband. I’ve been hanging out with them both for so long, it is hard to say, “goodbye.”

I did manage to end my Rocky Bluff P.D. series (written under the name of F. M. Meredith) with Reversal of Fortune.

In case you might wonder if I have plans for another series, the answer is probably not.

I do want to write another mystery, a young adult set in Los Angeles during World War II. Why, you might ask. Because that’s where and when I grew up. It was a different time in so many ways and I have some great memories of what went on: Air raid drills at home and at school, Block warden meetings where the kids had a great time playing in the dark while the grown up learned to roll bandages and other tasks, victory gardens, food and gas rationing, being free to go wherever I wanted all day as long as I was home in time for dinner, and telling my friends wild stories like what I said was the truth.

Not sure if it will interest anyone, but I plan to write it anyway.


5 thoughts on “WHY KEEP WRITING?

  1. Marilyn, I can’t imagine not writing, but I do see myself slowing down, writing less but also taking more time to think about the stories I want to write. I still have some stories clamoring to be heard and I look forward to writing them. But I want to explore other activities. I understand your wanting to spend more time with friends and family. I do too.


  2. Marilyn, the only real reason we write is because we love it. That stated, for me it’s write what you love, not necessarily what you know. And I love your writing. Just sayin’.


  3. I keep telling my daughters, who ask when I’m going to quit writing, when I can’t come up with any more ideas. But I can understand wanting to spend more time with family. And as I get older, I realize the days are growing shorter. I can’t get as much accomplished in a day as I did just 5 years earlier.


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