Another Month Gone

Can you believe it? January of 2022 is almost over. And unfortunately, a whole lot hasn’t changed from 2021.

I miss our monthly chapter’s Sisters in Crime meetings, and I fear this long hiatus has probably meant the end of this group. Our newsletter stopped and we’ve had no other contact. Another chapter I belong to has continued with Zoom meetings.

A local writers’ group I met with on a monthly basis is no longer meeting either, though members are in contact with one another.

The critique group I belong to is still meeting, but they meet at night, and at this time I need to be home to assist my husband in the evenings. However, a handful of us are meeting once a month at a local restaurant to enjoy each other’ company, have conversation, and have a nice lunch together.

I have been asked to be a speaker at a writers’ group on the coast, and it may be in person.

A women’s group here where I live has invited me to come to their regular meeting in May and tell them which of my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries were inspired by real events. They are interested in the subject because that series is set in a town much like the one the members and I live in. I’m delighted and will bring copies of the books I’m going to tell about. Plus I’m invited for lunch—always a plus.

This tells me not to give up hope, things are changing, though at a much slower pace than I’d like. However, I’m grateful for what little is happening.

What about the rest of you? Are you seeing any signs of life getting back to normal where you live?


3 thoughts on “Another Month Gone

  1. Fortunate for me, other than writer events that have been canceled my life hasn’t changed much. We live rurally. An hour from the closest town with a grocery store. 3 hours from towns with all the amenities. I visit my family, most of whom also live rurally. I feel for people who live in crowded communities. You have lost your freedom. We continue our day to day life normally.


  2. M in-person interaction is mostly with family, fortunately it’s a very big family, and my fellow church goers. I missed out on my writers’ luncheon because I got sick, but another is planned in a few weeks.


  3. You’re going through a lot more change than I am, Marilyn. Life has changed a lot in the last two years but in my case that has meant that the best friends have remained close, and acquaintances have fallen away. Some of us get together occasionally to reconnect, and I’m still on four committees that I value and enjoy. But life will be different when this is all over.

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