This past year has flown by. Christmas is over except for the memories. So what are your plans for the New Year?

Unlike some long-ago past New Year’s Eves, we won’t be doing anything special except for having tamales for dinner and toasting with hot cider. Our big celebration is on New Year’s Day. I always make my version of Seafood Gumbo and various members of my family turn up to eat crab legs and shrimp in a tasty broth served over rice. Afterwards we usually play a rollicking game of Estimation.

What about the rest of 2022?

First, I’m surprised I’m still here to see it.  My hope is to finish the book I’ve been working on.

I’m also having a .99 cent sale of a Kindle copy of Invisible Path, a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, from January 17 to January 21.

Like many, I’m hoping times will get back to normal—or at least a near-normal. A few days ago I had lunch with two of my writing buddies, and we decided to do it once a month. It was great to be together again. We are also contemplating setting up a book signing event.

Though I am no longer on the Public Safety Writers Association’s board of directors, they’ve asked me to attend their next meeting in February, sort of a transition. Since it’s in Vegas, I’m going since I’ll also be able to visit my sister who lives there. And I’ve already signed up for the PSWA writing conference in July.

I have an in-person event scheduled for April—we’ll see if that actually happens.

Though no one ever really knows what will happen in the future, it’s always fun to plan.

What are your hopes and plans for 2022?

And to all of you, I’m wishing for a happy and most wonderful New Year.


6 thoughts on “MY LAST POST FOR 2021

  1. Wishing you a wonderful New Year Marilyn, so glad you have hopeful plan…we all need to have one, all the best always,
    Marcia Rosen


  2. Marilyn, I’m working on three different books that I pray I can finish in 2022. I’m also praying that my work ethic will improve as I love writing, but time seems to present so many obstacles and responsibilities. It is difficult to sit down for several hours and research, compose and rewrite. I envy your dedication. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I pray the new year will bring you continued success.


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