Waiting, Hoping for Things to Get Back to Normal

During this stay at home time, I’ve written and published two books, have another written waiting on critiques, and started another.

What I haven’t done is gone to writing and mystery conferences, book and craft fairs, held in-person book launches for my newly published books–and I know my fellow authors haven’t either as all these things have been put on hold.

One of my favorite writing conferences put on by the Public Safety Writers Association is planning on having their conference in July of this year in Las Vegas. https://policewriter.com/. And yes, I’ve signed up for it and will be helping with the pre-conference writing workshop.

I’ve also been thinking about planning a book talk,/signing, in my little home town. I do have a place to hold it, just need to decide the best time to have it.

Whether or not his will all happen, I have no idea–but I’m hopeful.

My two newest books are NOT AS WE KNEW IT (The Rocky Bluff P.D. series wirtten as F. M. Meredith ) and END OF THE TRAIL (The Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series.)

What about you? Is anything happening to give you hope that thing are getting back to normal?


5 thoughts on “Waiting, Hoping for Things to Get Back to Normal

  1. One of the events I attend every year on Memorial Weekend and hand sell a lot of books will be happening! I’m excited to get to spend three days with a really fun author who has become a good friend through our weekends at the rural flea market. I love this event, not just because I sell a lot of books and get to watch all the dogs people bring there go by our booth, but because I have fans who come to talk and get the next book. One woman bought the first 3 books of my Shandra Higheagle series three years ago. Her husband contacted me five months later and wanted to get her three more for her birthday. The he contacted me for three more for Christmas. He said, he knows it is something she wants. LOL Fun times when you can make the contacts. I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy. I’m looking forward to my first trip to Bouchercon this year. I hope I’m not overwhelmed!


  2. Kate, I give lots of different talks depending upon the gathering. For a new book I usually tell some general thoughts about writing, and writing this book on particular. I do like to inject humor too. If I can make an audience laugh, I sell books. Also when I talk about a book I never, ever tell the whole story. I had a fellow author do that once, and my daughter said after, “No need to buy her book we all know everything about it.” Only tell enough to pique interest is my rule.


  3. Like you, Marilyn, I’ve been fairly productive despite the isolation and missing in-person events. My agent has one novel out circulating and I’m about ready to send her another one. I’ve written and old a few short stories, with more on the way. But I will be very glad to gather with my fellow writers or attend in-person events and be part of an audience.


  4. Along those lines, I’ve been taking Dana Kaye’s Guppy class, “Your book, your brand”,and it has spurred me to reach out to local authors and to book a virtual tour with Reading Addiction for my last-in-series released in June 2020. All that feels hopeful and I want to stay with the momentum.

    For your Book Talk, Marilyn, do you have a format you can share with us? I’d love to hear more! —Kate, writing as C. T. Collier


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