Hoping for the Best

Plans are being made starting in August for  book fairs and mystery and writers conferences. Do you think it will happen?

Not being able to see into the future, I have no idea, but I can assure you that I am really hoping it will.

I’ve really missed all the in-person events.

Book fairs are a great place to sell books because the attendees who come are folks who are readers and seeking new books. I’ve gone to many over the years. One in particular I’ve really enjoyed is held in Manteca CA, and they are planning one for this fall. Another group is planning one the same day in Elk Grove CA.

In the past, the Visalia Library (much closer to home) has hosted a book fair on their large front lawn. But the library has been closed all these many months because of Covid—and I’ve heard nothing about future plans for a book fair.

I know one of the bigger mystery conventions has plans to convene in August. I haven’t heard about many other mystery or writer conferences future plans.

I’ve missed them all. Writers conferences are great, a place to learn new things about writing and what’s going on in the profession and industry. Believe me, there are always changes.

Mystery cons are more of a showcase for writers and a place for them to meet other writers and mystery fans. For years I went to so many, that each occasion was a bit like a family reunion. I met so many writers and readers and it was a delight to see them again and catch up on their news.

Public Safety Writers Association’s writers’ conference is my favorite and they are shooting for the end of September. I like this conference because so many people in law enforcement and other fields of public safety are involved.

Whether or not this is the year we’ll  see the writers’ world return to normal, I have no idea. We can always hope, though can’t we.

Marilyn who also writes as F.M. Meredith

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9 thoughts on “Hoping for the Best

  1. I’m hoping you’ll have a wonderful time In New Orleans at Bouchercon. I saw you took out an ad in the program book–let us know how that goes. Sometimes at the big cons I hung out in the lobby with my book and chatted with people. Met a lot of readers that way. Though I spent tie with other writers, I tried to seek out readers too.


  2. I am signed up for Left Coast Crime in Albuquerque, which was supposed to be this April and was moved forward a year, to 2021. I was sorry that Bouchercon in Sacramento didn’t happen in person and hope that there will be a California convention in the near future.


  3. I would love to attend such things but being without the funding to travel a lot that doesn’t happen. If anyone should hear of anything in Pennsylvania let me know, please? I would try for one near home.


    1. These event can be expensive. Back when my husband I went to all the Left Coast Crime and Bouchervon conventions, that was our vacation for the year.


  4. I do hope life gets back to normal. I too miss meeting and chatting with readers and other writers, and just learning about what others are doing. This has been a long dry spell for most of us even if we are publishing stories and novels. There’s something about the loss of direct human contact that can’t be filled by zoom meetings or email letters.


  5. While I’m an introvert, I do miss going to signings, fairs, and conferences to mingle with readers and talk to other authors. I’m signed up for Bouchercon in August. We’ll see if it still happens.


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