Back in the Saddle Again

As we enter quarter 3 of 2020, I’m finally getting back into the groove and picking things up where I left off before this year took a massive left turn into the scary land of Pandemicia. Before COVID-19, I was on track to launch the first three books of my debut cozy mystery series this fall and about to start launching a series of social media courses for authors.

*whistles and puts hands in pockets* Yeah, that’s not quite how quarter 2 went. On the bright side, I was able to focus on finishing my thesis (and master’s) so now I can re-focus on other goals without that on my shoulders.

Anyone else returning to some normalcy in your writing or life after the initial onslaught of the pandemic?

It feels so good to be thinking about writing and publishing again, and be able to share that with you all! I recently finished working with an amazing cover artist on my debut cover. I’ll be sure to share the cover in a future blog post and talk about the elements of cozy mystery covers.

Another good thing about the unexpected break from writing (can you tell I’m an optimist always looking for the bright side?) is that I have SUPER fresh eyes to read the current draft of my cozy. I’m sure that’s going to come in handy.

To be honest, I can’t really recall where I left off with it. It’s like life pre-COVID is still a blur. I know I was revising and working on a revision plan, but I don’t recall quite where I was going with everything. I’m going to take that as a blessing that I can now look at it with a new perspective and not be bogged down by old ideas. Hopefully the strongest ideas from before will return or I’ll get some new ones.

This week, I’ll be reading what I currently have and tackling a new revision plan. By the time my blog date rolls around for August, I’m sure I’ll have lots of exciting things to update you on with my indie publishing journey. Possibly new release dates picked out for early 2021 (because fall 2020 definitely won’t be happening at this point, haha), tales from Revision Land, maybe even talking about the process of working with a hired editor. So much goodness to come!

I’d love to hear what’s going on with you. Do you have any summer goals? Anything you’re happy to be returning to after some time away?

6 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

    1. Thank you so much!! Those sound like fabulous summer plans 🙂 100 degrees?! Yowza!!


  1. Lisa, I’m so glad your life is leveling off and you are back to writing! I can’t wait for your cozy series to get published! As for me, living in the boonies, life hasn’t changed much other than all my appearances/events have been cancelled. I won’t be traveling around the state judging at county fairs this summer. Which means I am a book ahead of schedule for the year. 😉 We wear masks when we go to town which is once very two weeks. Other than that, I write, take care of animals, my husband(who is one of the animals LOL) and visit with our daughter and her family down the road.

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    1. Thank you, Paty!! I’m sorry that your summer plans have been canceled. Dang! Great brightsiding about being ahead of your book schedule though 🙂


  2. Though I truly miss in-person events and big family gatherings my life hasn’t changed much. I do ward a mask when I go grocery shopping. Got to dine in restaurants three times before our governor decided to shut them down again. Our church never closed–little church in the boonies. My writing continued on, and with the help of a friend all of my books are now indie published. Weeks and weeks of re-editing. Sadly, I crossed all the interesting things I planned to do off my calendar. It was going to be a bang-up year for selling books. Thanks for asking.

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    1. Congratulations on getting all of your books indie published! That’s so exciting!! I hope you find some new interesting things to add to your calendar 🙂


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