Sick Days and Mysteries

I caught the crud over Thanksgiving and stayed home from work today. If I’m home sick, few things make me feel better than binging some mystery books, TV shows or movies.

Today, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Investigation Discovery and Oxygen, watching lots of true crime shows. How do you like to spend a sick day? I’m enjoying some turkey noodle soup with turkey leftovers and homemade semolina egg noodles. Yummy!

I’ve also spent some time perusing cozy mysteries with various fall and winter holiday themes to add them to my wishlist. I love holiday themed books and shows. Hallmark Christmas romances? Halloween themed paranormal cozy mysteries? Yes please.

So, on this day where I’m foggy headed and being taken care of by my cats, I ask you for your recommendations. What are some holiday-themed books you’ve read or are looking forward to reading?

Here’s a picture of one of my cats *literally* cuddling me this morning. How cute is this ginger nurse?

Ginger cat with arm outstretched over human stomach, cuddled under human's arm


3 thoughts on “Sick Days and Mysteries

  1. Sorry you’re sick, Lisa, and hope it doesn’t last too long, but at least long enough so you can finish all the books you want to read. If you’re anywhere near the snowstorm, you have another reason to stay cozy and warm inside. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea (or turkey or chicken soup). Enjoy.


  2. Lisa, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Right now I’m reading Lois Winston’s “Homemade Ho Ho Homicide”. I have to say, I miss the Hallmark mysteries this time of year. I’m not a Grinch but I can only take so many Christmas romance movies without feeling like I’m watching the same thing over and over again. Sending you healthy vibes.


  3. I loved your post and love the picture of the cat. I, too, do binge reading or watching TV when I’m sick. I’m so sorry you’ve got the ‘crud’ but hopefully, you will rally round soon.


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