Using social media to learn about authors and books

I love social media. So much, in fact, I’ve built a career around it managing social media for a university and coaching authors on using it. One of the things I love most about social media is using it to learn about things, like new (to me) books and authors.

Social media helps people find others who share the same interest. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love cozy mysteries. I’ve joined some Facebook groups for cozy readers, like Cozy Mystery Corner and Save Our Cozies. These groups are a great place to share book recommendations, hear from authors about their upcoming releases and ask for book suggestions if you’re in the mood for something specific. Are you in any reader Facebook groups? Share a link in the comments!

Another perk of social media is the social proof factor and the authentic reviews/recommendations. How many times have you seen a friend recommend a book they just read and you stopped to consider getting it for yourself? For many, myself included, peer reviews hold more weight than ads. If I see an ad for something on Amazon, you bet your britches I’m going to go read the reviews before I consider buying it. The same goes for books. If a friend, whose opinion I’ve agreed with in the past on books, suggests something, I’m far more likely to check that book out. I’ve snagged so many books for my TBR pile that way.

Hashtags are also a great way to learn about books and authors, especially on Twitter and Instagram. I just did a search of the #cozymystery hashtag on Twitter and saw mention of several new books that I may not have otherwise learned about. Are there any hashtags you look on to find new books/authors? Or, for those of you who are authors, what hashtags do you use to promote your books to readers?

I’d love to know how you use social media to find new books and authors!

3 thoughts on “Using social media to learn about authors and books

  1. I’ve discovered new authors and books through Goodreads, but not Facebook or Twitter. I review everything I read on both Goodreads and Booklikes. The only Facebook book group I belong to is Selkie’s Circle, a group for readers of Virginia King’s Selkie Moon series. I love it because she shares how her research is going, gets our feedback on new cover designs, and does other things that make her readers feel engaged in her creative process.


  2. HI Lisa, I’m on both the FB pages you mentioned as well as a couple that are just for promotion. I find I go back to the ones that have more conversations and getting to know people like Cozy Mystery Corner and Save Our Cozies. I try to hashtag tweets (which I usually only tweet blog posts) with #mystery or the subgenre a book or topic might be about. Great post!


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