Oh, My Goodness, What We Authors Do for Promotion


After all the work we’ve put into our latest mystery, we’d certainly like to have people read it. At least that’s my hope. In order for that to happen, we have to figure out ways to get the word out. And sometimes we have to keep at it in order to try and reach more readers.

My latest Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery, Tangled Webs, made its debut last fall, but so far I only have 4 reviews, good ones, but it would be nice to have a few more. My publisher agreed to make the Kindle version only .99cents for four days, the last day for this bargain is today, January 28th.  If you want to take advantage of it, here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/yabj9z9f

In order for people to learn about this price I had to do a great deal of promotion—I found sites that promote .99 cent books and filled in all the blanks and paid the fees. I also wrote blog posts about it, promoted on Facebook and Twitter. Besides hoping to get people to read the book and maybe write a review, of course there’s also the possibility that they may read some of the other books in the series.

Besides all that, and believe me it takes time away from writing which is what I’d prefer to be doing, my calendar is filling with in-person events, places where I plan to have my books for sale. A few are close to home, but others are places where I’ll have to stay over one or two nights. And no, I’ll probably not sell enough books to pay for the trip. (I have to confess though, I really enjoy these occasions, getting to see old friends, fans, and meeting new folks.)

But that’s not the point, as I said in the first paragraph, what I really want is for people to read my books and that’s why I’m doing all these things

All right, fellow writers, I’d like to hear you chime in on this subject.

Marilyn who writes the Rocky Bluff P.D. series as F.M. Meredith


5 thoughts on “Oh, My Goodness, What We Authors Do for Promotion

  1. Good post, Marilyn! I used to do a lot of in-person events, but sometimes life changes and so do we. One of these days I hope to get back to meeting people in person. Also, I read your book and loved it, and left a review.


  2. I know what you’re talking about! I’ve been promoting all month for the first book of my new series! Wishing you luck with more sales and reviews.

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Amber. I wish I could do more traveling, but the long distance trips are over for me, but thanks to my daughter I can still do the shorter ones.


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