A Real Mystery Solved and Future Planning

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A Real Mystery Solved and Future Planning

If I were to write a story about what happened, it would be titled “The Case of the Missing Bible.”

Bibles aren’t something you expect to an item a burglar would steal–not even this one which is great—it has notes explaining the content at the bottom of each page. I have many other Bible but this is the one I use every day. But the other morning I noticed my Bible was missing. I always keep it in the same place—and I use if first thing in the morning, reading at the table my computer is on. Afterwards, I put it back.

Because I’ve been known to misplace things, I searched everywhere I could think of. It wasn’t anywhere. I began to think about who had been here. My granddaughter had popped over early in the a.m. to get me to print something from the computer for her, which I did. And I vaguely remember her leaving with a black book under her arm. Yep, though she didn’t remember picking it up, she had it. You might think that odd, but this particular granddaughter is a preacher’s wife and often carries a Bible around with her. Mystery solved.

Now, to future planning. Though plan often go astray—I still plan ahead. I haven’t had a new book to promote for a while. I have turned in a new Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery to my new publisher and it’s gone through some editing. I hope to see a proof soon. In the meantime, I’m planning some promotion for earlier books in the series.

And I’m nearly finished with my latest mystery in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series. It has been held up because of editing the first four books in that series, and all the editing I had to do for the early books in the RBPD mystery series. They are all getting a facelift which in the book world means new covers. So I’ve been working on some promotion for those earlier books while I’m waiting for the new one to be published

Once both those books are out, I’ll be promoting like crazy. I have some great events coming in October—I hope I’ll have one of them ready by then.

And after roasting all summer in Central California, I’m hoping September will be cooler.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Marilyn who also writes as F. M.

PS: The new cover for Intervention, the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series, is my favorite.

5 thoughts on “A Real Mystery Solved and Future Planning

  1. Now there’s a mystery plot–preacher’s wife steals a Bible. Not that she intentionally stole it, but in fiction, where could that go? Love the new cover.


    1. It really was strange. I couldn’t imagine where my Bible could have gone. I’d just used it not more than 30 minutes before it disappeared. Granddaughter lives close and pops in and out–and she has plenty of Bible of her own.


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