Summer sun and mutating ideas!

JordainaHey folks. What’s new with you?

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but here in the UK, we’re suffering through a heatwave. (I’m English—gotta talk about the weather! I went to Nashville a few years ago now (we can talk about my Nashville adventures another time) and mentioned the weather to someone, like “It’s warm today”. They replied with, “Yeah, it is.” And that was it. Back home, that’s at least twenty minutes worth of conversation, right there. Or maybe he just didn’t like me … ).

And, yes, I did say, “suffering”! It’s lovely to see the sun, but shoot! I wouldn’t mind a bit of cloud as well. Maybe even a breeze. (I’m complaining about this now, next time week speak I’ll be whining about the rain!)

Anyway, with it being England, summers are unpredictable which sucks because whenever I can, I love to write outside. Maybe it’s because it’s rare to have days when it’s warm enough to do this. I feel like when I write inside my ideas are contained. They’re trapped in the room with me, and they can’t mutate into much better ideas because there isn’t space and then they suffocate each other, and I have to go downstairs to get a chocolate bar and a cup of tea.

giphy-4But when I write outside? I imagine my ideas multiplying and changing and growing limitlessly. I want to say they dance around on the breeze, like Julia Andrews in The Sound of Music but, in reality, I think it’s probably more like what happens to that alien in Evolution when they hit it with napalm. Only my ideas are much prettier. Maybe.

My point is being outside makes me feel more creative. Or imaginative. Maybe it’s because there’s more going on outside so there are more stimuli. For example, I love watching the planes fly over and wonder where the passengers are going. Are they going on holiday? Coming back? Did they find a holiday romance? Are they moving away and starting a new life? Are they leaving a new life and coming back to their old one because the new one didn’t work out? Are they on their first leg of an around the world adventure? Are they coming back from an around the world adventure wholly changed? What are their plans now?

I’m pretty sure everyone thinks about this when they see planes. Or maybe they wave their fist at the plane, super annoyed that they’re not on that plane, going on holiday. (I’ve been there. I briefly worked in a retail store in the departures area of an airport. It killed me! Killed me. I had to go through security every day as if I were going on holiday … but I was just going to work. Gut-wrenchingly depressing.)

To get back on track, even when it rains, I’m outside. I might be huddled under my garden umbrella, clinging onto my hot-water bottle as I type, but I’m outside. I thought about investing in a fancy summer house, but it still has that “inside” feel to it.

lisa-in-coffee-shopI know people who write in coffee shops, but I just can’t be doing with all that noise and commotion. And, oh my days, there would be so many conversations to eavesdrop on I’d never get anything done!

Is there anywhere you love to write? Anywhere that fills you full of inspiration? Add a comment and let me know!

Until next time …

Jordaina 🙂

10 thoughts on “Summer sun and mutating ideas!

  1. Southern California is in a heat wave now, over 100 degrees. That’s hot, even with “dry heat.” I can’t write in a coffee shop. My workplace is at home, with the quiet, calm and all my books. When I’m stuck on a scene, I listen to my favorite music on the stereo. If I want a snack, the food is cheaper than Starbucks. But I don’t have AC, so not sure how much writing I’ll be doing this weekend.

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  2. I can’t actually write outdoors here in New Mexico because the light is so intense I can’t stand the glare on my laptop–I can hardly see the screen. I’ve even worn a sun hat sitting in the window of a coffee shop (but I wasn’t writing there, just checking e-mail.). I create while I’m running, though. I’m about to head out now and work on the next chapter. As for talking about the weather, we are excited here because it rained, an actual thunderstorm. The monsoon season (yes, we really call it that) has started and the temperature has dropped to the low nineties, a good ten degrees below the June temperatures. We will talk about the weather through the entire rainy season, comparing it with previous years, and looking for rainbows over Turtleback Mountain. I write indoors, with a view of the mountain. No, I take that back. I write at night mostly. No view at all but the art on the walls.

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    1. We do the same thing–comparing the weather to the previous year. I plot while I run, too. Although with my broken toe, I’ve not been doing much plotting lately!


  3. And I forgot to add, here in SE Oregon where ranchers and farmers live weather is brought up in every conversation. It may not last more than, “I heard we’re in for a hot one, or Got your hay up, rains comin’.”

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  4. Fun Post! I can actually write in a coffee shop. When my husband and I go to town and he has way more errands to run than I do, he drops me off at a coffee shop with my computer and I write. It is kind of liberating from always sitting at my desk at home.I like retreats to the beach and when I stay in a cabin by myself for two holidays during the year where I sell books at a flea market. The getting away to a different place seems to free up the words. I don’t write outside. I’m not sure why other than the few times I’ve tried the glare on the computer screen have annoyed me.

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  5. I do love a coffee shop, but I’m most productive with here in my little corner office space, looking out at the woods in one direction and the lake in the other. Every once in a while a deer wanders by or a cardinal bursts into song on a low branch. I think it’s the universe reminding me to refocus my eyes on the larger world and take a stretch while I’m at it!

    By the way, here in the northeast, weather is good for a pleasantry and likely to lead to a lively conversation.

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