An Adventurous Research Trip

My next Deputy Tempe Crabtree book is set in Tehachapi, California, a mountain community famous for its wind machines. However, it has a lot more going for it and though I’m writing a mystery, I wanted to show some of the wonders of Tehachapi.

Tehachapi Wind Turbines

My daughter, Lisa, is always willing to go with me as the driver. Our first stop was the Keene Café where we intended to eat breakfast, but it was closed due to a water problem. Off we went up a very windy road to the lookout point for the railroad. There was a huge long train looped around but it wasn’t moving. We headed on into Tehachapi (long drive) and found a great café and had a delicious breakfast.

Because I mention the police station in my book, we stopped and I went inside, looked around the lobby and asked the man who came to the window a few questions, which he answered. He wasn’t in uniform nor did he have any ID.

From there we went to a really great community called Stallion Springs—also in the book. Good thing we went there because it is much different from what I thought from my Internet research. Also found some other things I need to change.

We went back to the café where we’d had breakfast to eat dinner, then to a yogurt place for desert. By that time we were done and headed to our hotel.

After breakfast, we checked out of the hotel, and went on a self-guided tour I’d found on the Internet of the wind machines. Wow! That was great! We followed a two lane road up and down and around, got out sometimes, and checked out the various sizes and kinds of the turbos—all huge! We went into the back country and saw hideaway homes and ranches.

Because I have a scene near the Pacific Coast Trail, we stopped there to check out if what I’d written will work. (I’ll have to make a few changes.) We met a young hiker who’d been following the PCT and hurt his ankle. His companions had gone ahead. He asked if we’d take him to town. We were done with our tour and agreed. He started on his hike in Mexico, plans to keep on going all the way to Canada, next big hike Mt. Whitney. And though I don’t usually pick up hitch-hikers it was obvious he was who he said he was.

We dropped him off and we went to a toy shop, daughter was interested in. Lunch was at Thaihachapi—because it also in the book. We went back to the Loop this time just in time to see the tail end of a train. We waited but nothing else came along.

We made another trip to Stallion Springs and found other interesting things such as a covered bridge.

On our way out, we stopped again at the Loop, but the only action was an engine and truck doing some work on the track. Time to head home.

So glad I made the trip as I need to make some major changes in the book. And we had fun!



4 thoughts on “An Adventurous Research Trip

  1. I thought covered bridges only existed in the Midwest. I saw several of them when I lived in the Midwest. Nothing beats first-hand research. Sounds like you had a great trip.


  2. Good post, Marilyn! I agree! If you can travel to the place where a book is set is enhances the book. And makes sure you get things correct. Sounds like you had a good trip.


  3. Marilyn, I so enjoyed your blog about your road trip to Tehachapi. I used to be very familiar with the town and area having lived for a number of years in the Antelope Valley. It was like a trip down memory lane. Good luck with your book. Cyn Naden writing as Claire Naden


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