Late Again!

This month is zipping by so daggone fast, I didn’t realize this was the last Monday until just a few minutes ago.

I suppose at this stage in my life I ought to be slowing down, but it seems I’m as busy as ever. One reason is because my family keep growing, and of course there are always special occasions to enjoy. Most recently was the wedding of one of my great-grandkids. Yes, that makes three of them married–the rest are so  young I probably won’t be around to see them walk down the aisle. This wedding was beautiful despite the fact my great-grandson proposed this last Christmas. The date of the wedding was set for when the bride’s brother could get leave from the Marines to give her away.

My latest writing project has been set-aside as I’ve taken care of other business, like income taxes, and few jobs that actually bring in money, spending time with my hubby and other family members. Though I have four chapters done I really need to go on a field trip to check out the setting I’m using this time. I’ve decided to send my heroine, Deputy Tempe Crabtree and her hubby off on a trip to Tehachapi mainly to deal with a ghost and some Indian spirits. I know Tehachapi, but there are some details I need to check.

I have sent off my latest Rocky Bluff P.D. to the publisher, but have no idea when that might be available. Frankly, I’m too busy to worry about it right now.

Hubby, daughter and I have a trip to see family coming up next week, and I’ve signed up for a first-time book festival in our local area that will happen in April. So things are not slowing down.

Because photos are always great, here’s one of the bride and groom.

Aaron's wedding 1

I took it from where I was sitting.

So tell me, what are all of the rest of you up to?



4 thoughts on “Late Again!

  1. Paty, I love ride-alongs. I wish I could have gone to Left Coast Crime, in the past I never missed one, but I don’t like to fly anymore so unless it comes back to California, I can only be there in spirit.


    1. Marilyn, speaking of conferences, in 2020 Bouchercon will be in Sacramento and LCC will be in San Diego! Can you handle two that year? I’m hoping to get to at least one of them myself. Bouchercon 2020 will be in the same hotel used by LCC in 2012 (and a second hotel as well. The LCC inn was way too small).


  2. Marilyn, You are a busy lady! I just came back from Left Coast Crime conference. I’ll be writing about that on my blog the first of April. 😉 And I had a ride-along with a game warden for research on my next mystery project as well as putting together a Shandra Higheagle box set. Busy busy!


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