How My Rocky Bluff P.D. Series Has Changed

Because the entire Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery series is now being re-published by a new house, I’ve been re-editing each book. In the process I’ve found some interesting tidbits and errors, besides the usual typos and repeated words.

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The overuse of ellipses: I could have been called the Queen of ellipses. Why one of many editors didn’t call me on this I have no idea.

Because the first book, Final Respects, was written long ago, most of police officer characters sport mustaches. They don’t come off until about the 5th book in the series. In the first two books, there’s a lot of smoking, even in the police department. In California, is it no longer legal to smoke in a public building. My new publisher wants this to stay as is.

One big error I found was that in No Sanctuary one of the lead female character is made a Vice-Detective, which she still is in the next book—but not in the one after that or any of the later ones. I figured out how to correct it.

I’ve found that I’ve changed the hair color of at least one of the characters—but that will be an easy fix.

Actually, though I am making changes along the way, I’m pleased with the writing and the plots.

One big thing that influenced how I wrote these books was having my cop son-in-law tell me that the police never work on one case at a time. Because of that, there are many things going on in every book..

I’m sure as I continue to work my way through the editing of the rest of the novels, I’ll find other errors. This has been an interesting process.

Though the first book, Final Respects, has the same cover used when it was first published, the subsequent books will have a new look.

Final Respects. best

And yes, I’ve written this series under the name F. M. Meredith. Why I used that is a whole other story.

If you’ve never read this series, once it’s all available once again, I hope some of you will try it.








8 thoughts on “How My Rocky Bluff P.D. Series Has Changed

  1. The first book was published in the mid ’80s. And yes it was set at that time. The big problem there is a year between each book’s publication, but time is much closer together as far as what is happening in the series. Makes it interesting.


  2. How long ago did you write the first book? Was it set at that time? Interesting how things have changed. Fun post! And congratulations on your new publisher.


  3. Glad to hear you have a new publisher. Those continuity errors are hard to snag! That’s why for my new series I’m keeping a list of the buildings and characters, what they look like, etc., so I don’t have to keep going back and looking up details. Good luck with the revised books!


    1. Thanks for commenting, Sally, I do keep lists of things, but some have escaped me. And this is such a long series, I’ve forgotten a lot of things.


  4. Marilyn, that’s great you have a new publisher and interesting things you are catching in the old version. Have fun and good luck!


    1. You are right, no book is perfect, have found problems in some books by popular authors, but I know we all want our to be as perfect as possible.


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