A Disappearing Post

Whatever happened to my post that was supposed to appear on Monday, I have no idea. However, I’m sure it was my fault. I really don’t understand exactly how Word Press works.

Frankly, I don’t even remember what I wrote about.

I’ll try again with my latest news. Finally I’ve finished my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery and sent it off to the publisher. It’s not a long book, in fact it’s rather short, but I had so many interruptions and other chores to do, it took me a long time to finish.

Here’s the official blurb for A Cold Murder.

A horrific snow storm traps Tempe and her husband in the lodge of a summer camp along with the caretakers and seven most unpleasant people—one becomes a murder victim. And to complicate matters, the ghost of a former camper makes contact with Tempe.

I have no particular ideas for promotion–though I have several events lined up that will fit in perfectly–mostly library visits, but also a big book fair. Whether or not I’ll do another blog tour I’m not sure.

Family has played a big part in my life lately. Just learned that another great-granddaughter will be joining us soon.

Hopefully, by next month, I’ll have some special to write and do it on the correct day.

Wishing you all some great reading this summer.


Me at Dana's, quilt

Someone asked me recently, “What have you done with your hair?”  My answer, “Nothing.”

2 thoughts on “A Disappearing Post

  1. Goodness. Tempe trapped in a snow storm in a summer place with unpleasant people. Sounds exciting, but I’m wondering where this summer place is that could have a snow storm? Something to make me want to look further.

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    1. A snow storm like this actually happened during winter at a summer camp in the Sierra–friends who were caretakers there in the winter and cooks and maintenance in the summer told me about it–and more that gave me the idea.


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