The Holiday Season is Winding Down…Now What?

Some of you have probably already taken down you Christmas decorations, others will wait until after the New Year, and then there are those who leave everything up for a long, long time.

We kept our decorations simple this year, and once our New Year’s Day celebration is done–we have relatives over who like seafood for gumbo and play our wild family game of Estimation–we’ll put everything away.

What will I be doing next? Hopefully getting my next Rocky Bluff P.D. edited, though I’m not sure if it’ll be published right away. My publisher is recovering from a serious illness–but I’m going to finish. Next will be planning a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. I have some vague ideas wandering around in my brain, but nothing down on paper as yet.

I’ve a couple of events planned and signed up for one writing conference–my favorite–Public Safety Writers Association’s annual conference. It’s not until July, but I like it because it’s small and I get to spend time with some of my favorite mystery writers and a whole lot of people in various types of law enforcement, and other public safety fields.

If you’re interested, check out Public Safety Writers Association, and there is an early bird registration fee.

As the new year progresses, I’m hoping to be asked to appear/speak in other venues, find other book and craft fairs to attend, and perhaps set up a book signing or two.

Of course, as the saying goes about the best laid plans–one never knows what the future holds.

What are you plans for the coming year?

And while I’m here–I’ll wish all of you fellow ladies of mystery a most Happy New Year, and the same for all of our readers. May you all have plenty of mystery in your lives.






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