Off and Running!

To be honest, I don’t run anywhere these days. However, when I get busy it does seem like I’m running.

Right now I’m in the middle of a blog tour for my latest book. And yes, things have gone wrong as they usually do. In fact, sometimes I wonder why I ever decide to do one of these labor intensive blog tours.

The first thing that happened was a mistake on the cover that was noticed by one of my blog hosts–fortunately, it plenty of time to get it fixed.

One of the hosts told me she never received the material on the day I was supposed to appear. What on earth happened to the post I have no idea. The problem was easily fixed.

Then one of the hosts blog had issues, so she changed the address–which meant all the promoting I’d done for the first address was done for naught.

None of this would matter except I’m having a contest and the winner will be the person who comments on the mosts posts.

The day this appears, I’ll be visiting Lorna Collins where I wrote about  My Younger Life . No doubt there’ll be other blips and problems along the way, but I still think it’s a fun way to promote a new book.

I just sent my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery off to the publisher–and that meant fixing all the things suggested by my critique group (that I agreed with), then sending it off to an editor and the same thing–fixing what I agreed with. It’ll be interesting what the publisher’s editor finds.

I’ve already had a book launch and I’ve given a talk to two classes at a high school, a presentation at the local library, and next month I’m doing an event with the Central Coast Sisters in Crime chapter at a winery.

And believe it or not, I live a normal life besides writing and promoting: I do all the things everyone else does: cooking, laundry, shopping, etc.and I have a big family, so I love spending time with them. Plus this last month, my husband has had some health problems, we’ve been to the ER twice and he’s had a pacemaker put in.

Sometimes I wonder why I do all this writing and promotion since I’m certainly not a big name author with thousands of fans. However, I know I love writing and the people in my two mystery series. How would I ever know what happened to them if I didn’t write the next book?

Marilyn who is also known as F. M. Meredith when I’m writing about the beach community of Rocky Bluff, it’s police force and others.

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15 thoughts on “Off and Running!

  1. Marilyn, I understand where you’re at! I decided after busting my hump last year that this year I would write for fun and take more time to myself. So far it is making me a much happier writer and wife. 😉 Good luck with your blog tour!


    1. Thank you, Paty, I’m having a good time on my tour, but it’s time consuming. I need to be thinking up some ideas for the next Rocky Bluff P.D., but the energy is sapped.


  2. Marilynm, I always enjoy your humor; I missed the typo,, too, and your book and series sound wonderful, I really should try to locate the first one at B and N.


  3. I’ve already heard from the publisher’s editor that I changed someone’s last name. This after my critique group heard it all, and another editor went over ti. That’s why all books need to be edited. Oh, and yes, there’s a typo in this blog, but I have so many problems with WordPress, I hesitate to go in and fix it because the whole thing thing might disappear.


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