It’s Been a Bit Stressful Around Here

I’m writing about my own stress. It began with my husband getting sick–it seemed sudden, but looking back it really wasn’t. After a visit to the ER he ended up with a pacemaker, then a blood clot in his arm. The pacemaker is working great and medicine is taking care of his arm.

Blurb for A Crushing Death:

A pile of rocks is found on a dead body beneath the condemned pier, a teacher is accused of molesting a student, the new police chief is threatened by someone she once arrested for violent attacks on women, and Detective Milligan’s teenage daughter has a problem.

Buy link:

Because I have a new book out, I’ve been busily promoting and setting up some in-person events. The first happens this Saturday, the 27th at 10 a.m. at the Nipomo Library with the Central Coast Sisters in Crime. Because there was a glitch with the cover, the books didn’t get printed when they were supposed to and a rush order is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. Fingers crossed, because I’m headed to the cost on Friday.

Of course the cover issue was a biggie, I had to send the corrected cover to the 30 hosts of my blog tour beginning April 15 and going on through May 11.

Beginning April 1st an earlier book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, Murder in the Worst Degree, will be free on Kindle until April 5th.

That took some coordinating with my publisher and setting up some advertising sites. Of course the whole point of doing this is to  interest readers in the rest of the series.

April 12, I’ll be speaking to two high school classes, always fun.

On the 14rh, at 10 a.m., I’m giving a talk at the Porterville Library about where I get my ideas.

Also this is late because I didn’t realize it was the 4th Monday, which is my day.

Please forgive me for being late and venting about my stress.

Marilyn Meredith aka F. M. Meredith