Writing Two Mystery Series

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When I wrote Final Respects I had no idea it would be the first mystery in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series. Once I’d finished, I really wanted to know what happened to the characters I’d created. The only way to find out was to write the next book. I’m now working on #12. Some have described the series as being a cozy police procedural. What that really means is I’m not too graphic when it comes to the crime scenes and though my characters probably do swear, I don’t quote them.

Rocky Bluff is a fictional small beach community in Southern California, located between Ventura and Santa Barbara.  I’ve created an ensemble of characters who appear in each book, but the spotlight may move from one character to another. Each book is as much about what goes on with the police officers’ family lives as the crimes that confront them.

The latest book in the series is Violent Departures.

Violent Departures

The Deputy Tempe Crabtree series is now up to 14 books. This series found a publisher first, though both series have traveled from publisher to publisher for various reasons.

Tempe Crabtree is a Native American resident deputy in the  Southern Sierra. She resides in the mountain community of Bear Creek, is married to the minister of the local church and she has a son, who by the latest book is an adult. At times Tempe relies on Indian mysticism to help solve crimes–something her husband frowns on.

Because I live in a place similar to Bear Creek and it’s located near an Indian reservation, I’ve borrowed a lot from our local Indians while writing these books, including their believe in a creature the call the Hariy Man who has similarities to Big Foot. He’s managed to appear in three books in the series, including the latest, River Spirits.

River Spirits

Most of these books are told from Tempe’s point-of-view.

Being fond of all of my characters, I love creating new problems for them to solve, both in their private lives and the mysteries that confront them.

You can read the first chapters of most of my books on my website: http://fictionforyou.com

And of course, they are all can be ordered from the publishers or Amazon.

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  2. Marilyn, I enjoyed the first Tempe book and have the next one in my kindle. 😉 Great post.


  3. Hi again Marilynm. I just read your pantser piece and commented on it. Right now I just write what I know as told to do with beginning writers. I have several WIP is many genre’s but what you describe here is where I would like to end up. Cozy Mystery books I love to read and will work toward ending up in this area of Women”s Fiction. As you can see it’s late and I’m about computered out so I will reread this tomorrow. I know I will pick up lots of tips when I do.


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