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Poise Versus Panic By Patricia Smith Wood

Since I’m a Gemini, I have many “twin” features. Sometimes I’m one side, sometimes I’m the other. I’ll give you an example. I can often take two different sides of an argument. Not as much as I once could (I … Continue reading

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Walk the Walk by Paty Jager

The whole reason I picked an amateur sleuth was to avoid having to be too technical with cop speak and legalese. I’m working on Book 8, Fatal Fall, in the Shandra Higheagle Mystery series. Shandra has the flu and her … Continue reading

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Guest Author Marianne Jones

Sisters in Crime (or The Birth of a Murder Mystery) I blame my sister. For years she has been a huge mystery fan, especially of Agatha Christie and the various British detective series’ on television. I had been pursuing the … Continue reading

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