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The Body (Not the Dead Body) in Mystery Fiction

   Though body is the central element of all experience, it’s easy to take it for granted until it fails in some way. The flesh and bone and nerve that makes up a human are resilient and yet also shockingly … Continue reading

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What’s Old Is New Again

by Janis Patterson I don’t have much time to read, but for various reasons not long ago I agreed to review a few books. Two were okay – nothing to write home about, but at least grammatical and spelt correctly, … Continue reading

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Clues, Magic and Little Cat Feet

by Janis Patterson I’ll admit I get a little put out when people (including some writers) say “Oh, I could never write a mystery – how do you think of all those clues and where to put them?” Usually, when … Continue reading

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5th Week Frenzy

I just noticed that there are 5 weeks in May and we only have 4 weeks scheduled with our regular bloggers so…. any mystery writer so sees this, post your latest release or a book you have at a reduced … Continue reading

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Writing Would Be Perfect If…

by Janis Patterson I mean it. Writing would be so perfect if it weren’t for the readers. I know, that is a very incendiary statement, but it’s true. We’re asked to live up to readers’ expectations without being given much … Continue reading

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Guest – Marian Allen

A DEAD GUY AT THE SUMMMERHOUSE How the DEAD GUY was born When I began college in 1 968, I had read enough Gothic Romances to be contemptuous of the formula: Orphan girl in her late teens is hired by … Continue reading

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Body, Body, Who’s Got A Body?

by Janis Patterson On one of my email loops there has been a discussion about whether or not a cozy mystery has to include a murder. Both yes and no answers are plentiful and while the discussion has not been … Continue reading

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