We’d been invited to have Thanksgiving with one of our grandsons and family and I really looked forward to it. We’ve gone there in the past. He lives in another foothill community, up a winding road to a hill top retreat. His father-in-law, a master chef, prepares the feast—always gourmet.

Besides the wonderful food, many other relatives and friends join the festivities.

However, this year for us it wasn’t too be. I came down with a vicious bug. No way could I go anywhere.

All was not lost, however. We share our home with our granddaughter and family and she looked forward to doing her own Thanksgiving. She and her hubby made the food with the help of her two oldest daughters.

Though I didn’t have much of an appetite, what I did eat was delicious, and hubby didn’t miss out on a Thanksgiving meal.

What does this have to do with writing? Not much, only that I haven’t felt like doing any. I’ve kept in touch with family members via Facebook. I learned my brother-in-law was too sick to go to their big family feast. One of my author friends has the same symptoms as I do, and she had chicken soup for her Thanksgiving meal.

I’ve had many great Thanksgivings in the past, many I prepared myself. These days, I’m happy that the younger generation is taking over those duties.

Despite not feeling well, I’m thankful for so much in my life, having my husband of 71 years, my big family, and my friends including all my author friends, the joy of creating a fictional world and sharing it with others, and still being able to enjoy life.

My hope is that all of you who read this post, had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to what’s coming next.



  1. “Husband of 71 years.” Glory be. Congratulations. Loved reading this. Expected it to be a downer and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks.

    Sharon Ervin



  2. We planned to have the Day with our son & daughter and two granddaughters with families. But two of them came down with Covid, so we (elders) stayed home. But our son graciously brought a big tray of all the fixings (including pie) so we had not one, but TWO dinners and remembered them all. (Missed the fellowship, though.)

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  3. Sorry, you were sick for Thanksgiving. When you are looking forward to something and illness keeps you from attending, it is crushing. I’m glad you are feeling better!


  4. From what I could tell, Marilyn, everyone’s Thanksgiving this year was different from previous years. Must be something in the water. But as long as we’re thankful, that’s what counts. Hope you continue to improve and get back to writing!!


  5. I’m sorry you’re not well, and hope you recover soon. Like many others, I can recall a few holidays when we were stuck at home sick, or stranded on the road in a snowstorm. A different kind of holiday.


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