For years, I’ve been the one to do most of the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, with others helping with some of the side-dishes.

Before the pandemic, our grandson, Nathan, invited us to his home in the foothills (about two and ½ hours away) to enjoy Thanksgiving. The cook was his father-in-law, a master chef. This year we’re invited there once again. My contribution is always a Honey Baked ham. We couldn’t go if it wasn’t for my daughter Lisa who drive us (and her hubby comes along too.)

Yummy appetizers awaited us to eat while we waited for the main course.

The day was glorious and most of the guests ate outside. (One year, tents were set up over the tables—a good thing because it poured.)

Besides eating the delicious food, we get to see a lot of relatives and others, and the one I looked forward to seeing the most was Scarlett who has just turned one. She is Nathan and Amanda’s youngest. Two other great grands were there, Nick and Crystal’s boys, Julius and Nathaniel  plus great granddaughter, Kay’Lee.  We many great conversations.

Thanksgiving always being back memories of past Thanksgivings—those my grandmother prepared, and later my mother, and then me. Believe me, at this stage in my life, I am quite happy to leave the cooking to someone else.

However, the next day I cooked a turkey breast which we ate with granddaughter Jessi’s  leftovers. (She stayed home because she wanted to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her family for the first time.).  

I have so much more to be thankful for: still having my husband of 70 years, four of my five children still living, many grandchildren, great-grands, and six great greats, with another expected early in 2022, to love and enjoy, the continuing ability to write and read, and so much more.

Here’s hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving, and best wishes for the coming Christmas season.