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Missye K. Clarke, forever an old-school NYC gal at heart, resides with her human and pet family in central Pennsylvania, and, over the course of her life, had too many book boyfriends to count. Find Ms. Clarke's first McGuinness/Pedregon Casebook on Amazon or any fine e-bookseller near you. When she's not taking part of the XXL Peloton Tribe! on Facebook--follow her on the OnePeloton app under #Gemini_Ghost if FB groups aren't you--she's always busy with her writing projects, keeping house, baking, singing, honing social media skills, and doing the best her she can do. Her email,, is open 24/7, but the replies will come as expeditiously as possible.

On A Collision Course With Words

On the radio: Live-Streaming a NYC station playing Willie Nelson’s version of Hoagy Carmichael’s,”The Nearness of You.” Hi, y’all! Been a long time I’ve blogged, and I’m thrilled and grateful to be part of a stellar group of talented authors … Continue reading

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