What to Write, What to Write, What to write? by Heather Haven

Heather cartoon-smallest copyThey say A Day Without Writing is Like a Day Without Sunshine. Unless ‘they’ don’t. Maybe nobody else says that but me. I know I’ve been paraphrasing something or other for so long, I can’t even remember what the original phrase is. A Day Without Wine is a Day Too Sober?

Hmmm. Maybe not.

In any event, for the past few days, I have CCFAC-SMdone very little writing. July 1st saw the preorder status for Casting Call for a Corpse, which debuts August 1st, and I am at loose ends. I know I want to start another book as soon as possible, but which series do I choose?  I am at a loss as to what that book should be. I was thinking to start Spring Thaw, Book 2 of the Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Novels. But then, Percy Cole is calling me to write The Mother’s Day Murders, Book 4 of the Persephone Cole Vintage Mysteries.  Then, of course, I could write Book 3, Divorce Can Be Murder of the Love Can Be Murder Mystery Novellas. And let’s not forget….wait. I just forgot.

Oh, yes! I could start Book 8 of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries, titleless at the moment. But let’s face it, Book 7, Casting Call blah blah, hasn’t even gotten off the assembly line yet. What to write? What to do?

So here’s what I’ve done. Or am doing. I’m sending out a survey in my next newsletter asking my readers which series they like the best, from which series they’d like to have the next book. On a lot of levels, the question is presumptuous. I am assuming that these people will take the time to respond, care enough to respond, or even read my work in the first place. Then I add to the presumption by asking if they will be reading more of my work.

But what they hey. This is my 14th novel and sometimes I wish I had my nerve in my teeth. If you can’t throw out a little presumption at my age, when can you?

You know what this all stems from? Or rather, from which all this stems? Loose ends. This is the most useless time to be a writer that I know. That’s because, as I’ve stated, A Day Without Writing is Like a Day Without Sunshine.

4 thoughts on “What to Write, What to Write, What to write? by Heather Haven

  1. I think most readers would tell you it’s not really a “useless” time to be a writer. We need fiction to renew our minds and engage us. For escape, for intellectual challenge. For our ongoing relationships with series characters we’ve grown attached to. Maybe one of your characters especially misses you and wants to be written about.

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    1. Hi Amber! I am feeling two of them calling to me. I have to listen carefully as to which one has the most meaning for me. But thanks for reaffirming what I know in my heart!!


  2. Hi Heather, How do you keep so many mystery/suspense series separated in your head? I have two mystery series and after trying to write them back to back, I ended up writing a contemporary western romance in between to not mix my characters up. I say write the book that is calling to you the most. The one you are the most excited to write. That’s what I’ve always done and it seems to work. Good luck making up your mind and I hope your readers help you decide.

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