Off and Running


Well, maybe not running–but I have certainly begun the promotion for my latest book, A Cold Death, with as much spirit and energy as possible.

Me at Branches and Books

This is my first book signing for the new book at Branches Books and Gifts in Oakhurst. Long  drive but one of my favorite towns. Lots of pluses, got to lunch and visit with an old friend, then after the signing, went to dinner with grandson, his wife and great grandson. Though I didn’t sell a ton of books, did sell some to people who like mystery series.


I’m also in the middle of a blog tour–it hasn’t gone smoothly, hosts forgot to put my post up–not sure why they wait until the day and don’t schedule it–but I’ve had many great comments and the book is beginning to receive reviews.

My next event is planned at Stafford’s Chocolates, yes, it’s a store that sells handmade delicious chocolates, only 17 miles from home. I’ll let you know how that goes, but if all else fails, I can eat chocolate. The store is excited to be hosting me–so that’s a plus.

Also attending a the Great Valley Bookfest on October 14th in Manteca–also a long drive, but well worth it. The people come to it planning to buy books.

While all this has been going on, I’ve also taken the rights back for some of my books and new editions have appeared on Amazon.

This is a book truly from my heart-not exactly a mystery, though there are some mysterious elements–but it is based on something that happened in our family.

The Astral Gift latest

This one is a mystery–the first one I wrote and published. It has been re-edited–it is about child abuse, astral projection, murder, and a touch of romance.

So you can see, though I’m not really running, I feel like I have been. I’ve also been learning new things along the way.

What new places have any of you tried for book signings? Anyone else experiencing new challenges along the way?

Being an author is certainly not for sissies!


8 thoughts on “Off and Running

  1. Way to get out there and promote the new book! Looking forward to reading it. I should start more promotion for my next release. Good luck with the new Tempe book and the other releases!

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  2. Well, I lied, really the first event for A Cold Death was at the Bakersfield Barnes and Noble–but when it was planned I didn’t think I’d have copies yet, but I managed to get some.


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