What I’m Thankful For, Yes, it is that Time of the Year

Isn’t it a good thing that we can reflect on all the things we’re thankful for?

I’m thankful for my beliefs–my God and my church. And of course I’m thankful for my husband I’ve had all these many years.

I have a wonderful and big family and I’m thankful so many of them will be sitting around our Thanksgiving table–and I’m thankful for all the Thanksgivings in the past. I’m also thankful for my health and ability to still cook and host a big dinner.

I’m thankful for my writing and that I still enjoy doing it. I’m also thankful for those who read my books and let me know that they’ve enjoyed them.

And I’m thankful that I’ve sent my next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery off to my publisher.

For fun, I’m offering one of my older books, Lingering Spirit, for .99 cents on Kindle from December 7- 11. No, it’s not a mystery, it’s a romance with a touch of the supernatural. It’s actually one of my favorite books as it’s based on something that happened in our family–of course fictionalized, but containing a lot of truth.

Ling Spirit Front Cover



After her police officer husband is killed in the line of duty, Nicole Ainsworth struggles with the changes forced on her life. Her efforts to focus on her daughters and cope with her grief are kept off-balance by images of Steve, her deceased husband who seems to be trying to communicate with her. Eventually, Nicole finds that Steve isn’t the only one watching over her, and discovers a second chance at happiness.

And I’m thankful for everyone who takes the time to read this blog.


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  1. Nice blog post, Marilyn. “Thanks” for the reminder for being thankful. You reminded me that I need to send out a thank you card for a gift I received on Saturday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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